Twisted Metal: Head-On


For those of you not in the know, the Twisted Metal series is actually one of the more successful franchises on the PlayStation consoles. Although we saw quite a few of these games on the original Playstation, the PlayStation 2 had Twisted Metal Black, which on its own merits was really a great game. Now with Sony’s new handheld device the PSP, we are seeing once again the reincarnation of the Twisted Metal series, in Twisted Metal: Head On. Is this game a worthy one for the series, or one that fans are going to run away from? Read our full review to find out now!


For those of you who have not played any of the Twisted Metal games, where have you been? In any case, let me tell you just briefly about the concept of the game. Twisted Metal is a unique take on action game, where instead of normal combatants running around on foot, you fight using various souped-up vehicles armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry. The Twisted Metal series has always placed more emphasis on fast, free-flowing action instead of burdening players with heavy strategy. What has always made the game so addictive was that it was just so very destructive and looked great while doing so. So now that you know what the series has been about let’s move onto Head On itself.

So have the formula been changed at all for the PSP version? Well actually and surprisingly the game is actually the same sort of game that the series has been known for. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. The game plays like a very fast paced car action game that has a few different modes to choose from. The single player aspects of the game include a Story Mode, Endurance, and the challenge mode. The story mode in the game is rather short, but with that being said it is still one to be played through. The reason for this is once you have completed the mode with a specific vehicle, you get to watch a neat little cinematic, which makes it worth the effort.

Similar to Twisted Metal Black on the PS2, this game is one of the first to really tap into the PSP’s online capabilities. Although the online service is not up at time of writing, I must say that the game truly does show a great amount of potential in creating a multiplayer experience. This is one of those games that really strive with human opponents and I quite expect this game to really thrive online.

One of the more downsides to the gameplay is the noticeably long load times. But this does not frustrate players much, as the levels do lasts for quite a while and they offer instant restarts. The story mode is however quite short, meaning you can easily complete it in one sitting. With that being said, the actual gameplay of the game itself is quite impressive and really offers up a truly remarkable experience. When you take into consideration that this game has all this action on a handheld platform, it is really quite a solid experience.


The visual style of Twisted Metal: Head On is actually a very typical-looking Twisted Metal title. When I say this it just has the typical style of the series that we have really become accustomed to over the years. With that being said do the visuals translate to a great looking PSP game?

Twisted Metal: Head On has a lot of great qualities but on the same token the game does have some minor downsides. First off the game as a whole looks quite good with a lot of detail on all of the vehicles in the game, and the environments in the game really look quite impressive as well. The one thing the game did have occasionally is some slowdown. Overall though the game was an impressive PSP title and one that really has a lot more positives then negatives.

Fun Factor

The one thing about the whole Twisted Metal series is that it is an extremely fun filled experience. I mean heck who wouldn’t like having battles against other vehicles I know I do. The translation of this game onto the PSP is really an impressive one that does a lot of the platform as a whole. I think this game really showed that even a very fast paced and sort of open ended game can work on the PSP. I must say when playing both single and multiplayer portions of the game I found the overall experience to be extremely fun.


Twisted Metal: Head On is a game that will definitely please fans of the series. The game offers a very fun fast-paced experience that really shows off a lot of the PSP’s capabilities. If you are a Twisted Metal fan and are planning on purchasing a PSP then this game should be on your pickup list.

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