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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


It may be surprising to some, but throughout the history of video games, platformers have always manage to attract a great deal of following among casual or hardcore gamers alike. With games like Mario and Sonic, and now Ratchet and Sly, you can see that these have been some of the best games the gaming industry has put out. Well now we are just seeing a ton of new original platformers hit store shelves, and one today has sort of an "Aussie" theme. The game is Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan for the Xbox! So does this platformer have what it takes? Read our full review to find out!


Well let’s talk about the Ty series, which has actually been a surprisingly strong series in recent years. This trend continues for its generally-solid sequel, which also received much attention. It may not have been the most breathtaking or innovative game on the market, but it did a good job of bringing the essential platforming elements to the table. I was excited to see Ty 3 arrive at my door because I was really expecting this game to continue on its great path and even go further then before, so how did Ty 3 end up doing?

Like most platformers, Ty 3 picks up after the events in Ty 2, where we find our good friend from down under in a world that was once at peace and now is not. Without going too far into the details, basically you play as Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and you have to deal with these Quinkan, which are just basically some evil spirits. So right away you realize that the title explains the game, and you are back in another adventure as Ty. The game uses this story like you would expect, not overly heavy but keeps things light hearted and enjoyable. If you have liked the storylines from the previous games, expect to enjoy this games as well.

Right when you get past this opening cut scene, you will be hit with this big sense of what has changed? I mean really the game feels almost identical right out of the gate as Ty 2, which was a good game, but people are always looking for more. The controls feel identical to what was found in the previous game, and the pace of the game goes around the same ideas as well. One of the new ideas, which have become very popular in the platforming realm are vehicles and gadgets, which both make a more dominant approach in Ty 3.

Unfortunately the bulk of Ty 3 feels like the exact thing we played in Ty 2, just in a different environment. This is pretty unfortunate. I should make it very clear that everything about Ty 3 works. It is a very capable platformer, but with the franchise’ massive potential and also advancements made by other platformers, Ty fans, myself included, are hoping for more. The game left a lot of room for improvement, as the puzzles are still not that challenging and the pace of the game could still use some more variety. In the end it is just unfortunate to see a game with as much potential as Ty 3 not to have had better results.


Visually Ty 3 is a good looking game across the board, but in the same sense as the gameplay, it never makes it past that initial tier. There is nothing in Ty 3 that we have not seen before, or most importantly, done better in other platformers. The character models are good containing some detail and a lot of color and the environments to, are flushed out with plenty of color and some detail as well. In the end Ty 3 is a good looking game, but then again still could have used some improvements.

Fun Factor

To say that I didn’t enjoy my time with Ty 3 would be a lie, because there was still a lot of fun to be had in this game. First off, Ty 3 is a simple and easy going platformer that won’t cause massive frustration. In fact I found myself during my experience with Ty 3 just sitting back and enjoying the experience. Do I wish the developers had taken this game to the next level? Sure I do. It has all the hallmarks of a solid and fun platformer but also could have been better.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 is a game that quite possibly been a sleeper hit of 2005, had the developers done some necessary upgrades to the Gameplay mechanics to offer up more depth and variety. Sure it is a solid platformer, but with others like Jak, Sly or Ratchet exploring new gameplay ideas in their respective series, Ty 3 doesn’t do enough to keep up. In the end however if you enjoy the Ty games and want another shot at this game go for it, it is surely worth a look. Just don’t expect a major difference from Ty 2 to Ty 3.

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