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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

PS Vita, ReviewsJeremy
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Overview Take the expansion of a successful console fighting series and port it to a handheld format. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the Vita brings the full powerhouse experience of console version right to the palm of your hand. From the first moment I booted up UMVC3 on my Vita I knew I was in for a treat. The game looks and plays fantastic and I have always been fond of fighting games on a handheld and I was not disappointed here. The game has all of the modes and characters found in the console version complete with online multiplayer and matchmaking.

Frank West

Worlds collide indeed as you pick between Marvel or Capcom heroes and villains to try and take down the planet destroying Galactus. The story with most fighting games is pretty weak and this one is just well designed enough to get all of these characters together in one big melting pot of pure insane fighting action. With some new control features and all of the gameplay options from the console version of the game it’s hard to go wrong for fighting game fans or anyone who enjoys the Marvel vs. Capcom series. You can play through the arcade mode, online with other players, or pick a side and fight in the Heroes and Heralds mode where you will fight numerous matches while you try to conquer territories.


Marvel vs. Capcom plays just like it would on the PS3 with some minor changes due to the loss of the two back shoulder buttons. Calling in your partners is all done with the two shoulder buttons while your specials are activated by pressing both at the same time. There are new touch controls introduced but they hardly enhance the gameplay as they are hard to understand and kind of make the competition a little uneven. Where this title really shows its chops is in its online feature. This game plays online flawlessly which surprised me. The Vita’s online gaming holds true with a test of a fighting game, as precision is key, and I had more fun with the online than any other part of the game. I experience no lag except with a few players who had worse connections but nothing game breaking. There is also a replay function that you can use to save your favorite online fights and store them in your extras menu.


The Heroes and Heralds mode opens up the single player and gives you a little more to work for. You fight in different stages through multiple rounds of characters until you complete each area one hundred percent. You can do this as either a Hero or a Herald but that doesn’t affect who you can choose to play as. You can play this mode either single player or online to try and mix it up a little bit. As you play through it you unlock cards and can create decks to give your team an added advantage in a battle but I never worry too much about them and I still do fine.


Ultimate MVC3 is just amazing to look at on the Vita. Even though it’s a smaller screen this game still holds all the amazing flashy look of the full console version.  I never saw a frame rate drop even when I had all three of my fighters performing their ultimate attacks at the same time which fills the screen with a lot of insane animations; it never affected the look of the game.


The cartoon like look is extremely satisfying to the eyes. The Marvel vs. Capcom games have always been very colorful but they colors really pop on the Vita’s screen and the animations are perfectly smooth and sometimes you forget that you are looking at a portable game.

Fun Factor

If you love fighting games and you have a Vita then UMVC3 is for you. This game works perfectly in handheld format and the online feels just like you are playing on a console. Having a fighting game like Marvel vs. Capcom on the go is nothing short of amazing. Battling with these epic characters provides limitless amounts of fun as there is enough variety of characters to keep you trying different combinations just to see what kind of combos you can do. Most of the new characters are very great and I found myself using them quite a bit. There are also new downloadable characters if the already enormous roster just isn’t enough for you. If you are a big online competitor then there should be no disappointment in all of the online features that Marvel vs. Capcom has to offer.



If the idea of pitting two incredibly strong universes of characters together in an ultimate battle doesn’t excite you then the promise of fast paced action gameplay and stunning visuals should draw you in. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is perfectly represented on the Vita and having a portable fighter is always good to have because it is something you can easily drop in and drop out of. With great online and a stellar arcade mode at your fingertips (almost literally) UMVC3 is a game well worth the money for any Vita owner.