When you think about some of the best or the best RPG series ever, a lot of us think about Square’s Final Fantasy series that has pleased fans since the very beginnings. But one Square series that hasn’t got the recognition like Final Fantasy series is the SaGa series which has had mixed results here in the states. What makes the SaGa series so unique is that it is so different from all the other games on the market. As much as I like developers coming with an original and unique game, their latest effort isn’t going to win over fans at any rate.


Before I even get into the storyline and the gameplay of the game, I just want to get one thing straight. When you see a game such as this a large majority of us are going too intimidated by the look of the game. Right when you put the game in your PS2 you will find this is a game that doesn’t look like any other.

One of the less confusing portions of Unlimited SaGa is the storyline, which actually probably makes the most sense out of the whole game. Basically the game is all about some ancient structures called the Seven Wonders of the World. Basically these wonders contain powers that the bad guys are trying to get there hands on.

What is really interesting about Unlimited SaGa is that you can play with up to seven different characters. You can play through the game with each character, but that is only if you would want to. Also each one the characters has his/her own beginning story, that starts them on their journey. I think though one of the biggest problems you will have a game with multiple storylines is that none of the stories are done very well. One of the key factors of an RPG is the storyline and this story is quite bland and lacks anything to keep you interested.

Now we get to the actual game and this is where everything starts to go a little awkward. I think that with these next generation consoles we have really got used to having full control over everything our characters do in games. Well in Unlimited SaGa the game is setup to where you have very few options and things are basically planned for you.

The presentation of Unlimited SaGa is quite different from what you would find in other RPG’s. Instead of having the mobility you are basically on a map where you point and click your way through the game. This setup for the game really starts off with an extremely slow pace and stays that way throughout. While playing through the game I was hoping that when you got into the caves/dungeons that you would be able to control your character, but instead you are represented by a little sprite that doesn’t look like much of anything.

There are basically two types of fighting systems that RPG’s use and this title would only work with the turn based action system. The system works pretty well and pretty much acts like most of the other turn based fighting systems out there.

Unlimited SaGa is a game that was made to be different, and was for people with an open mind about a new type of game. The only problem is that there is nothing really new, nor exciting about Unlimited SaGa. The basis on which the game is played on sounds like it could have been interesting but in the end it ends up being a complete mess. There is just to much holding you back from getting interested in the game, and with the slow pace it’s hard to even care.


With a game with as little to no animation throughout the game it’s kind of hard to truly give this section of the review a true score. Since Square-Enix wasn’t going for a ground-breaking graphical title.

The graphical score all basically depends on your opinion on the game’s choice of style. Like I said nothing is animated but the characters are beautifully drawn out and the backgrounds do look quite impressive. In my overall opinion the graphics get the job done but there is still way to much room for improvement for me to give this a good score.

Fun Factor

Unlimited SaGa is one of those games that really could realistically take you a year to really complete the game with all the characters. Even going through the game with one single character takes a good amount of time. So the replay and value for the game is there but the main problem is your really not going to want to spend all that time on this game. It is such a plain game that you really have to try and get into the game. And when I say try, I mean struggle through the slow pace and try to keep your eyes from shutting. Even if you can get past the graphics you will have to also realize that this is a pretty flat and pretty bland game.


Unlimited SaGa is a game that is not like any other. Whether that is a good thing or not it is probably going to be up to your personal tastes, but I just didn’t find this game to be very entertaining. The only real reason I could even recommend a rental for the game is for the Final Fantasy X-2 exclusive preview that wasn’t even that great. This is a game made for people with a lot of patience and a lot of time on there hands, if your one of those people then you may enjoy this one. But for the rest of us, there are just better options elsewhere.

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