Unreal Championship


When the XBOX Live was first announced the title on everyone’s mind was definitely looking forward to Unreal Championship. If you have never heard of the Unreal Series it’s mainly known for it’s showings on the PC being one of the top first person shooters on the market. Now Digital Extremes tries to bring the hit series to make it the top online game for the XBOX.


Unreal Championship is not only a multiplayer game, in fact Digital Extreme put in a nice single player mode, that gives you some time away from the Live service and time to work on your Unreal skills.

The single player is not very deep but does offer you the ability to train and get used to all the game types before going on Live and getting it on with fellow gamers. The mode starts off with you selecting a team and the object is quite simple you shoot all your enemies and complete the goal at hand whether it’s Capturing the Flag or just a full on Deathmatch. In the game there are actually different races that have there pros and cons that makes each race unique.

The biggest problem I had with the single player mode was that there was nothing to really keep you into the game wanting to play more. There is no storyline and playing UC against the computer is just not overly enjoyable.

Well the Single Player mode really wasn’t overly impressive but what was impressive was the multiplayer portion of Unreal Championship. The Live support is really where most people will be spending most of there time in this one. Digital Extremes did a great job of giving everyone an abundance of different game modes to choose from along with the ability to customize them all. These game modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run and Double Domination. My personal favorite would have to be Capture the Flag because it does a great job of combining the action with some strategy.

So how does the game run on the Live service you may ask. Well I have found that it can be quite hard to find a game with a fast enough connection to allow for good Gameplay. There are a few of those servers on there but there are also a lot where games can be full of lag, which is not good for such a fast first person shooter. Although when you do get on one of the faster servers then be prepared for some non-stop fast action Gameplay that is not going to disappoint any fan of the genre.

My biggest complaint on the way the game is handled on Live is the fact that you do not go into a lobby before going into the actual game. Instead you just go straight into the game, so at times you could be playing a one on one capture the flag game before more players come along which in my opinion can be quite frustrating.

For such a fast paced first person shooter, I would think the controls would be quite difficult to get the hang of. But in fact the controls are quite simple, so there shouldn’t be much more then a five to ten minute learning curve to get the controls down.

The game’s sound really has its strengths and weaknesses. To start off I really found the lady who tells you how much time is left throughout the game can become quite irritating. She just doesn’t know when to quit, there is just only so much you can take of listening to her. The sound effects on the other hand are definitely top notch. Everything sounds crystal clear especially for those of you with Surround Sound support, which is also very impressive.


Games played at such a fast pace usually are not the best looking games on the market. Well Unreal Championship isn’t Splinter Cell, but it does look very good. The game really does a great job of making everything look good. The environments were probably some of the best and worst portions of the games graphics. Some of the games environments are played in small hallways where there really isn’t much to be shown so they seem rather plain, other times the game is played outside, and that is definitely where you see the best parts of the graphics.

The characters in Unreal Championship are not overly impressive. Although you can definitely see plenty of differences in the way each of the characters look, they just don’t seem to have much detail to them to make them top notch quality.

Overall the game’s graphics are definitely above par. Everything does look impressive, and the weapons couldn’t look any finer. And of course there’s nothing like the feeling of watching your opponents being defeated.

Fun Factor

This section of the review really seems to be the most difficult portion of the review for me to write. I have found that playing the game on Live can be a lot of fun if you get into a good game (that’s easier said then done). The one thing that really has held me back from really loving this game is the fact that it is so repetitive. Sure there are plenty of game modes but the fact that clicking the trigger button a thousand times a minute, really just doesn’t float my boat.


Unreal Championship is just one of those games that you either love it or you hate it. There is a lot of fun to be had, so it will really depend on your tastes in games whether or not you want to pick this one up. I would though for those of you who are unsure about this title, then rent this one first and then decide.

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