Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict


When I look at the Xbox games library, I see that it is extremely saturated with a ton of different third and first person action games, all trying to make name for themselves. What is funny about this is that a lot of them lately have been impressive, which has made the Xbox’s library a lot stronger then it was the first few years, making it into a very competitive gaming market. Now we get to see the latest in the Unreal series - Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, which attempts to shift from first to third person action, and yet still retains all the things we love about the original. Does this game do any justice to the Unreal series? Read our full review to find out!


The one thing I must say about the developers Epic Games with Unreal Championship 2, is that they took quite a few risks with this game to try and make it different from the rest of the pack. In Unreal Championship 2, you get a game that dares to be different by not only have first person but also carrying the third person perspective as well. Not only this, but this time around guns isn’t your only weapon of choice because the game introduces a whole new set of melee combat as well.

Unreal Championship 2 is really a change of pace for the series, because the game just works so much differently then we have seen in the past. With Unreal Championship 2 you get a much more diverse approach that offers a lot more depth then we have seen in the past. To be honest I have always found the series to be not a test of smarts but a test of how fast you can press the trigger, and now with the melee combat you kind of get a little more skill involved.

Another great feature that we already touched on in this game is that you can switch from first and third person. This ability really helps for those of us, including myself, who really don’t care as much for the first person perspective and we now have some options (which is always a good thing).

As we all probably are well aware of the whole Unreal series has never been known for their single player, which once again is just as plain as they come. They do have a story mode in this game that is called the Ascension, which doesn’t do much with the story the game is given but does give you some good practice for the part of the game where I bet most of you are the most excited about, and that’s the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Unreal Championship 2 does include Xbox Live support which I think is by far what makes this game such an appealing title. You can have up to eight players in a game at a time, and you have the typical options that you would expect from an Unreal game. Of course CTF is a common choice but Deathmatch available as well. What I think is the most impressive thing to mention about this game is that although the modes are not that plentiful, there are over forty different maps to choose from. You could easily be playing this game for hours trying to get used to all the different maps.

People have always criticized these sorts of games on the consoles but I must say that Unreal Championship plays actually really well on Live and really does make for one of the best experiences on Live yet. I found that although Unreal Championship does not have an abundance of modes, the combat, both melee and regular is just really addictive and really gives a great deal of online fun.

When I look at Unreal Championship 2 I really see a game that could have set itself up for disaster, but when you look at how well the risks the developers took with this game panned out you can’t do anything but marvel at the gameplay in the game. This is by far the best playing Unreal to make it to the consoles because it just works so well.


The one thing that most people complain about when they talk about the Unreal series on the Xbox is that the visuals just have never really compared to the PC version. Is there room to complain with Unreal Championship 2?

I must say that developers Epic Games came with their guns blazing in the visual department because this is one of the best looking action games out there. With such a fast paced game, you would think that it would have frame rate problems but to be honest I was extremely impressed because the game flowed beautifully. The action on the screen is portrayed in such a great fashion that it’s hard to remember you’re not playing on the PC.

The overall look of Unreal Championship 2 is just an extremely beautiful experience that could have been better with more detail on the character end but overall the look of the game was honestly just beautiful.

Fun Factor

If you enjoy fast paced shooters, then this game is one game that will have you having fun for quite sometime. With over forty different maps and great online play, the game itself is just a whole lot of fun. Also you won’t have to expect a whole lot of lag because the game plays really well online. It’s unfortunate that the game didn’t try to do more with the single player; a good single player could have been interesting.


Unreal Championship 2 is really just a fantastic shooter that is just a ton of fun. If you are a fan of the Unreal series then this game is going to fit your Xbox library quite well. If you are even contemplating this game, my advice to you is to go out and purchase it right away.

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