Unreal Tournament


Well there isn’t one, but there was never one. Unreal Tournament is multiplayer FPS. So there isn’t one bad thing about the story or any thing good about it because there isn’t one so for those who like deep stories this isn’t your game.


Well once you find a control setting you feel comfortable with and play it for 10 to 15 minutes to get used to the control style. Your sure to have a good time especially if you have a multi-tap and three friends I have had at two occasions where friends came over and all we did was play this game the game play is just that addictive.


I heard allot about this game and about how great the graphics are and I don’t now why. Maybe its just me but there was nothing great. Not once did I say wow cool this looks amazing. The graphic aren’t bad but there not what people say they are either but they are good just not great.

Fun Factor

This game is one of the must fun game I’ve ever played thats really the only draw to the game is that its fun not boring even for a second not even when your playing by your self this is the only area this game gets a 10 because it deserves it


Over all an OK game if you have a few friends or like FPS there’s not much else to say about this game any thing else would be a waste of your time.

Former owner and editor in chief of Darkstation.com