Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Out of all the consoles out on the market today the Xbox is the one still lacking a truly outstanding platformer. Microsoft gave it a good try with the release of Blinx but the camera-plagued game just didn’t cut it. Is Vexx the title to show that platformers are truly alive on the Xbox?


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you play the game as Vexx, a young one who wants to avenge his grandfather’s death to defeat the evil Dark Yabu, and make all right in the world again. The initial story line is given off at the very beginning of the game and is really non-existent after that. Acclaim didn’t do a whole heck of a lot with the story besides the initial cut scene.

You start the game with a mandatory tutorial mode which is a lot longer then needed. In this first level you will be taught all the basics about the game. For most people this Tutorial will be unnecessary, because Vexx play’s very similar to other platformers. It is nice though that it does teach you some of Vexx’s special maneuvers that will help you through your long quest.

So you have got your basic training and it’s time for you to go out on your long adventure to defeat the Evil Yabu. Right when you begin the first level you will notice that the levels of Vexx are massive and wide open. You will also find that each level has about eight objectives you will need to complete in order to complete the level. These objectives range from various puzzles as well as mazes, and other common platform objectives. There a ton of different type’s of puzzles throughout the game, and most of them aren’t really much fun to play.

The game overall plays a lot like the typical platformer plays. You go around ten filled lands collecting items, jumping from platform to platform, and killing all the little annoying creatures. You will notice though like I said earlier that Vexx does host some special maneuvers. The ability to juggle enemies is probably the most notable though because for a while it is a very amusing little act that is sure to amuse most. The main objective of the game is to obtain hearts in order to earn the ability to face the Dark Yabu.

The biggest problem I had with how the game played was the camera issues. Like in a lot of platformers these day’s the camera can get in the way at time which is sure to leave you in awkward positions. This is not to say the camera is horrific because for most of the game it works just fine, but there are those times when the game has its faults.

The controls are nice and straight-forward. There is nothing that is going to confuse you, and if there are any worries, this is why Acclaim has placed a tutorial in the beginning of the game. So you can learn all you will need to know before jumping into the game.

This is one game that doesn’t really have a whole lot of sound to it. There isn’t much of any voice acting in the game and the sound effects are just a small portion of the game. Just think all these minor sound effects can be heard in pure 5.1 Surround Sound. To bad there isn’t any variety in the sound effects, so you will be listening to the same sounds for all fifteen to twenty hours of this one.


The graphics of Vexx are nothing out of the ordinary. Vexx is definitely not a great looking game but it is a nicely polished machine that does a great job of looking good throughout the whole game. Vexx himself looks pretty good, he is very detailed and is has a nice sharp appearance.

The levels of Vexx look right around the line of average. They have some nice features to them but they don’t do anything out of the ordinary to look anything better then that. One of the bigger disappointments is that the levels look a little too similar to each other, there just isn’t enough variety throughout the game. This not only goes for the environments but the enemies as well.

There are a lot of little small effects and details throughout the game that are sure to catch your eye. These effects do help the game’s overall appearance look considerably better.

Fun Factor

If you enjoy platformers then this is one that will definitely do you just fine. The biggest problem with Vexx that would keep anyone from having fun is the repetitiveness of the game. You will not get any new attacks or maneuver through the game, and the overall difficulty of the game stays the same. Vexx does have its good sides and that’s what will keep this game semi-entertaining while playing the throughout the levels.


What Vexx really boils down to is a standard platformer. It seems to do almost everything by the book and therefore there won’t be anything overwhelming spectacular, but a game that just does a good job of everything. Anyone who likes platformers should really give this won a try or at least a rental.

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