If you recall, about a year ago Microsoft Game Studios came out with their first platform title, and it was Blinx the time warping cat. The game looked as though it was going to be a great one, but instead ended up failing to do anything but be an average platformer. Well now they’re at it again, only this time with a little dash of black magic and fun gameplay in Voodoo Vince.


Many games just go with the flow and just try to stay as close to normal as possible, because mainly they don’t want to take the risk of failing miserably. And although that is probably a pretty good reason, I always commend companies for taking chances on titles and just seeing how they do. Voodoo Vince is a perfect example of developers taking a chance, because it is a quite "different" game unlike your run-of-the-mill titles in the market.

Basically the whole idea behind Voodoo Vince is you play as Vince, a poor old voodoo doll owned by Madame Charmaine. Basically some random thugs pop in and take Madame Charmaine, and her zombie dust, but on the way out the thugs drop some of the dust, which is how Vince comes to life. Luckily for Vince, Madame Charmaine has telepathic connections with him, and will help lead Vince throughout his quest of the game. The story as you can see is just kind of thrown in there for laughs, and for the most part it does a nice job of keeping things interesting, you won’t be enthralled by the storyline but it won’t overly bore you either.

Voodoo Vince is a pretty straightforward platformer with only a few variations of the line of normal. As Vince you will go through about thirty different levels, and although that sounds like quite a bit, once you get going in the game you will find that this isn’t a very long game. Each level is pretty short, consisting of one puzzle that usually is pretty straightforward and isn’t that hard. And one of the biggest mishaps of Voodoo Vince is that it is really not a very long game. If you have played any other platformers you won’t have any problem beating this in ten to twelve hours.

As you progress your way through Voodoo Vince things will progressively get more and more difficult and then will in fact get better and better as you play through it. I found it was hard to really get into the game at first, but as things started to heat up, the game got much more exciting and just a lot more fun to play the farther you get. Throughout the game you will also be facing several bosses who were never overly difficult but will always try and challenge your skills at the game.

The control of Voodoo Vince is just plain solid. The game does a great job of keeping the controls very simple yet effective; the controls are basically exactly what you would expect them to be, so there will be little to no learning curve.

Overall Voodoo Vince is just one of those games that you just want to have fun with. The storyline isn’t one to carry a serious tone, and therefore you just want to have fun with this one. There is nothing really wrong with the game, because for the most part it is solid in all points of the gameplay department. The one saving grace for Voodoo Vince is the way the developers nicely mixed things up in order to keep things fresh which really keeps you interested in the game.


The one thing that Microsoft’s Blinx really did best was in the graphics department. Blinx was just plain beautiful, with excellent character models and just great environments the game really appeared as one of the best looking platformers on the market. When you compare Voodoo Vince’s graphics to Blinx, unfortunately Vince just can’t match up, but with that being said Vince is still a pretty good looking game.

When looking at Voodoo Vince at a whole the game really just looks solid all the way across the board. The character models have a nice artistic look that really feels just clean and crisp. Not everyone will enjoy the style the developers have chosen to make the characters, but my personal taste is that it looks very solid. For the most part the environments are usually pretty good, with a few of them seeming uninspired and plain. The camera of a platformer is always a key factor in how the game turns out, and in Voodoo Vince the camera has a few instances where it gets hung up, but for the most part it is placed perfectly throughout the game.

Overall the graphics of the game are just good throughout. There is plenty of detail to go around, and everything appears as though it should. Voodoo Vince won’t win any awards for its graphics, but they stay good throughout the game.

Fun Factor

To be a good platformer, one of the key ingredients is that the game has to be fun. That is just a necessity, and Voodoo Vince does a nice job of doing just that. The storyline is just a fun loving one, where Vince will make his sly remarks, which will give you a few good laughs. The gameplay is also very solid, and plays exactly how you would expect the game to play. The one big downfall to the game is how quickly it ends, and the lack of replay value. Once you have played through this one you are really not going to have the need or will to want to play it again.


Voodoo Vince is really just a solid platformer all the way around. The biggest downfall is the length of the game, which will definitely hold the game back from its true potential. But if you’re looking for a platformer for your Xbox, then I would definitely recommend picking up Voodoo Vince.

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