War of the Monsters


From the developers of Twisted Metal comes a game that is by far my favorite for January, and it’s War of the Monsters. It takes high-flying non-stop action and combines it with huge monsters. It doesn’t get any better than this


Do you remember a game called Rampage? This is probably the most similar game to War of the Monsters. Although Rampage was definitely not the best game, but it did have a lot of great elements in the game that are used in War of the Monsters.

The game has a few game modes that are actually a lot deeper then people may think. In the single player modes you can choose from three modes, including, Adventure, Free for All, and Endurance. The multiplayer modes include free for all, elimination and some mini games you can unlock from the single player mode.

To start with I will discuss the single player mode. The endurance mode is just where you try to kill as many monsters as you can, before you die. I really enjoyed this mode when I needed time away from the adventure mode, because there is not a better feeling then killing a ton of monsters.

The free for all mode is exactly what it sounds like. You choose who you want to be and who you want to face (up to 3) and customize all the settings you would like for your match, and then you’re off to the battlefield.

Finally to the main mode and wow is it a hard one. It’s the adventure mode. Although there really isn’t much of a story, this mode is so addictive it’s scary. This is also one of those modes that starts out difficult (unless on easy) and doesn’t let up throughout. The one downside is that it isn’t the longest mode in the world. It is though a mode that can be played over and over again. The biggest incentive of the mode is to get enough tokens to get points to purchase monsters, mini games, and costumes.

The multiplayer modes are pretty much self explained but I do want to say a bit about them. As much as I loved the single player mode I just as much enjoyed the multiplayer modes. Although you can only play with two people there is nothing like getting into some heated action.

So you have heard about all the game modes but how does the game play out? This is the best part! The game is just a solid monster adventure. One of the biggest problems that I was worried about would have been the computer AI, but like I had mentioned earlier these guys are good and are not easy competitors.

The controls are pretty easy but at the same time are quite complex. This is not a game that is a pick up and play (which was a disappointment) but the controls are not ones that are going to take you a long while to pick up.

The sound isn’t much of a factor with the overall game, but for the most part everything sounds pretty good. The sound effects are just around average, which is a bit disappointing, because this is a game that really could use some better sound effects. The in game music does fair better, but isn’t much to talk about.


The graphics of War of the Monsters is not a top notch looking game, but it does have some key elements in it that keep the graphics from getting a lower mark.

The monsters themselves are pretty average. Nice models and appearance, but they are definitely not as sharp as you might hope for. I was impressed though with how unique some of the monsters appeared, it is easy to see that there was quite a lot of time put into some of the monsters.

Probably the most impressive portion of the games graphics is definitely the environment. Each environment has different appearances. Although the environments aren’t top notch, the effects that happen while playing in the levels are excellent. There is nothing like flying into the buildings and seeing them collapse.

Overall these are not the best looking graphics but they get the job done in a nice fashion. Most won’t find much of a problem with the games graphics, but for those of you who complain about every little graphical error you will find things to complain about.

Fun Factor

This is really one of those game that is great in both single and multiplayer modes. This is also a game that you would have to play a long, long time to get sick of. I really just would have a hard time not having fun playing War of the Monsters, even during some of the harder levels of the adventure mode.


Sony has had an impressive January, and War of the Monsters is a big part of it. This is just one of those games that almost everyone will enjoy playing. It’s great when playing with friends and by your self. If you’re in the mood for an excellent fighting game, then you should definitely think about picking up War of the Monsters.

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