We Love Katamari


Every once in a while, a game comes along that takes the video game market by storm with something different or something so unique that people just flock to the game. Well, last year we saw a perfect example of just that, when the game Katamari Damacy came and really wowed the gaming public with fun and addictive gameplay. The game was unique, it was different, and most of all it was fun. And now a year later we have the game, We Love Katamari, and it is back onto the Playstation 2. So does the game continue to have success, or was the first game just merely a fluke? Read our full review to find out!


Like I just mentioned, the reason the original game Katamari Damacy was so popular was because it decided not to go with the same old formula that we have seen used thousands of times in the past. It took a totally innovative and unique idea and create a game that was truly something to sit back and marvel at. Another thing I would like to hit on was the fact the game did not have overwhelming visuals, nor was it a high profile game. This proves that you don’t have to have a huge budget nor a huge presentation overhaul to make it a great game. But instead it was a great game because it was unique and fun, and is We Love Katamari more of the same great unique fun?

Katamari Damacy has one of the oddest storylines I have ever seen in a video game, where you play as the prince to a King who really doesn’t like cleaning up his own mess. So when the King made a mess, he sent his son the prince to go clean it all up. So with that being the original story’s game, the new game We Love Katamari continue to expand upon this really weird story, that to be honest, is near impossible to explain. Basically the tale continues after the original game, and from there you are transported into a world that has been improved from the original but still retains all of the great ideas that made the original a resounding success. One thing that I did want to touch on was that the game had much more elaborate cut scenes, which in essence makes for a deeper plot line.

For the most part the gameplay that we saw in Katamari Damacy has been unchanged in this latest adventure. Basically the whole object of We Love Katamari was to roll around the environment to get your ball as big as you can before time is up. The only real difference is that there are some levels that have a more specific idea approach, and in that case you have some different goals in mind.

What is so funny about this game is that the single player mode of both We Love Katamari and Katamari Damacy both were extremely short in length, which takes only a matter of hours to complete. However, when you look at how much replay value is in We Love Katamari, you will just see how utterly great this game is. I mean for example I spent hours upon hours on just one of the levels just because it was such a unique level. The object is really not to beat the game, but to instead just enjoy it.

The multiplayer in We Love Katamari still needs a lot of work to get to where it needs to be to be. The multiplayer is found in the versus mode, which puts you in a total of three levels, and for the most part just is kind of bland. I mean this game would have been absolutely amazing if they could improve upon the multiplayer mode. Overall We Love Katamari plays just as good as it did in the previous game, with some slight upgrades, which amounts to a very enjoyable experience.


Visually We Love Katamari is still as impressive as it was in the original. Sure it doesn’t have stunning visuals and blazing fast frame rate, but the overall visual style is very unique, light hearted and fun. Not spending too much time on the visual, We Love Katamari has some very smooth and colorful visual presentation that is not only fun but it is impressive as well.

Fun Factor

Even though We Love Katamari has not been changed all that much from the original game, there are still some new ideas that are thrown into the mix. The game takes the simple idea of rolling around in a ball and collecting people sounds like a boring idea on paper, but when it comes together in a video game it is just an extremely enjoyable and fun experience that most will remember for quite sometime.


We Love Katamari may not be as revolutionary as was the first Katamari Damacy, but the developers went with the old saying - if its not broken don’t fix it. If you enjoyed Katamari Damacy and haven’t picked up a copy of We Love Katamari, I don’t know what you were thinking because you need to go pick this game up right away. It is just as fun, and just as addictive as before.

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