As we all are looking forward to the arrival of the Xbox Live, we see some great titles that are compatible with it, and then we see Whacked!. Whacked! is a party game that’s really just trying to allow gamers to leave the serious games and sit down and have some fun. Although is Whacked! really all that fun? The answer is simply no.


Whacked! is a game where you play on the world’s favorite TV show, hosted by Mr. Van Tastic. The game is played with several little mini games in which you have to complete and win to move on to more of these little mini games until you win and get the "Secret" Prize.

You get to choose from 8 different contestants in which you will play the game with. Once you do this you are introduced to the other contestants and really you’re off to the races. The biggest problem I had is with this being a game show game but you’re not really playing against anyone. In fact if you do not win in the mini game you just have to retry the games until you win the level. Which can get very old very fast because you may have to retry some of the same and more boring mini games over more then once or twice.

The mini games consist of collecting stars, king of the hill, and a Deathmatch. All in which are really about the same idea. Kill everyone in sight and you have a pretty good shot at winning the level.

The single player mode is really probably the most disappointing portion of the game. It really isn’t the fun that people will look for when sitting down for a setting of a "party" type game. Where the Multiplayer/Live support is what keeps the game from becoming a total flop.

Playing Whacked! on Live can be done with a breeze and finding games is pretty easy as well. Although some of the people on the service seem to get a little to into the games for the most part this is where the fun of the game comes out. Since you’re playing on a broadband-only service, this makes it possible for lag free games. The only problem is the game really doesn’t stay fun for very long. You really only have 3 different maneuvers you can pull off, this being jumping, shooting your weapon. With that being said this creates one repetitive game that doesn’t keep you interested in the long haul.

Since you only have but a few moves to pull off controlling Whacked! will only take about 30 seconds to master. Which is exactly what the doctor prescribes when it comes to a game like this, although it would have been nice if these other buttons would have been used for different attacks and maneuvers.

Each character in Whacked! have their own unique voice including the host who has a typical host type voice. The characters’ voice acting is done superbly, with most of the character’s voice match their personality perfectly. The sound effects really drive the game’s looniness and guess what - all of this is done with 5.1 Surround Sound Support.


For the most part, Whacked! is a pretty good looking game. Although this really isn’t a game that is really going to catch your eye for its graphics, for the most part everything looks pretty good.

The character models look pretty good. They all have some distinctive features, which give them some degree of uniqueness, and add a bit of flair to the overall outlook of the game. The same can be said of the landscapes, as they are very well varied and different enough so that no two levels are truly alike. While all that is good and well, my primary complaint here is that the graphics are not that impressive. While the developers have certainly done a good job on the visuals, I can’t help but feel that they’re just aiming for an above-average look. Nothing in Whacked! stands out, and this is quite disappointing as we know what the Xbox is capable of.

Fun Factor

This is a game that really was meant to be purely a multiplayer game but had put in a single player mode for all of you who won’t have Live when the service launches. To be honest I think that the single player mode was really a waste of time. To get right down to it the single player mode just wasn’t much fun.

As for the multiplayer portion of the game it can be fun for a little while but really gets old really fast. After about an hour or so playing this game on Live it really feels very repetitive, and there is really not much to do besides jumping and shooting off your weapons.


Whacked really isn’t what most people are looking for when they buy a game of this genre. A "party" game should be fun, and that’s where Whacked! misses out in the long haul. Although if your looking for a good rental, this is a perfect one for a few days.

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