Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


The Xbox is the one console on the market that is really in desperate need of a good solid platformer. With the PS2 shoving out platformers all over the place and the Cube also doing quite well with the genre, you would think the Xbox would be doing at least decent, but unfortunately there has yet to be a game that would start a boom in the genre for the Xbox. Now Eidos takes a crack at the genre with Whiplash, a platform title with attitude, read on and find out if this platformer can change the tide for the Xbox.


This is one of those games that when I got it, I really wasn’t sure what to expect at all. Whiplash was one of those titles that really came in under the radar, with little hype and little heard about what this game was going to contain. So before I get into the review I will let you all know what this game is all about.

Whiplash starts off with the evil Genron Corporation who strives at manipulating helpless (so they thought) animals for "scientific" experiments. Of course this evil corporation doesn’t treat these animals very well and this is where you come into the game. You play as Spanx (a weasel) and Redmond (a rabbit). What is so great about this amazing duo is that Spanx and Redmond are connected with handcuffs, and Spanx uses Redmond as his weapon of attack. Now this truly brings us back to the classic Looney Tunes day and let me tell you this idea is just hilarious.

Before I start going on in the review let me just tell you that this game presented some of the funniest dialogue I have seen in quite some time. The first few hours of gameplay are just so off the wall and so funny that some of the gameplay issues just fade back in the dark. Throughout the first few hours the dialogue just made me crack up so hard, and that was some of the best "comedy" type gameplay I have played. Unfortunately for us this doesn’t last forever, and the game starts taking a bit of a downward spiral that keeps it from being a top-notch platform title.

Like I mentioned earlier, this game uses Redmond, the rabbit as the weapon, but he can also be used for other maneuvers throughout the game. You can use Redmond as a grappling tool to get across large gaps by hooking on to things and making your way across platforms. There is also a page taken out of Ratchet and Clanks book by using the leveling techniques as you go through the game by the amount of people you defeat. This idea is quite good, but there isn’t enough use for the leveling process, the developers really didn’t take any advantage of this feature in the game, and therefore it just feels like it’s just "there".

But unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and that’s what Whiplash does after the first few hours. The true game comes out of Whiplash and you find an extremely simplistic platformer that needs some help in a few areas. First the game takes place all in one environment and the game starts to feel really repetitive after a while. You seem to be doing the same sort of thing over, and over, and over again. Luckily the dialogue comes to the rescue at times throughout the game but all in all the game doesn’t do a great job of mixing things up. Overall the gameplay of Whiplash shows so many signs of being one that will stay hilarious for the entirety of the gameplay. But there are things that hold this down. Not only are the platforming elements pretty basic, there are a lot of stretches in the game where you are running aimlessly with no idea of where to go next. The map of Whiplash was so poorly created that you basically just take guesses on where to go next. It’s not all bad though because I must give some mad props to Crystal Entertainment for making some of the best dialogue for the first few hours, it was truly memorable.


Graphically Whiplash isn’t the best apple in the barrel if you catch my drift. Whiplash shows signs of having some good points, but for the most part the game isn’t doing overly well in the graphical department.

The best parts of the game’s graphics have to be Redmond and Spanx, which are really nicely done. You have plenty of cartoonish detail placed on these two that truly bring out the two’s personality, and adds to the humor of the game. Both of these characters have a very unique look to them and are just pretty funny to look at. Everything else in this game you get that "blah" feeling about where you just can’t put your finger on. The environments of the game get so repetitive, it feels like your in the same room throughout the whole game, and in a sense you are in the same building, but it would have been nice to see them mix it up a little bit more then they did.

Overall the graphics of Whiplash are really quite blah, and could have been done a lot better, but unfortunately we were given a game in which graphics were below average.

Fun Factor

Whiplash is a game that I was thinking about giving a perfect score in the fun department at first, but as I played farther and farther through the game it started to decline little by little, until the game ended up being fun just some of the times. Whiplash is a game that definitely has its moments, but unfortunately as the game progresses those moments are few and far between.


Overall Whiplash is a game that has plenty of potential but it doesn’t end up producing as well as it should have. The dialogue at first was excellent, but as you progress through the game things just start getting a bit dull. If your truly searching for a platforming title then you might want to give Whiplash a try, it will be sure to make you laugh for a while.

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