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Wings of War

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Some of the best games each year come from the unknown developers who quietly get their game out there and make a fortune. And these are also the ones who have the chance of putting their games on the market with zero response. The Gathering teamed up with relatively unknown developers Silver Wish Games to bring us a WWI flight simulation game - Wings of War - for the Xbox.


Wings of War is a game that had little to no publicity, and really came onto the market with very few people even knowing it. Wings of War does have a few things going for it though, not only is it a budget title, but it’s a flight simulation. This is a genre that has always been popular and if done correctly can be very successful.

The game has a pretty lengthy campaign mode, something we are not very used to seeing in budget titles. The game has about twelve levels and each one spans for a good forty-five minutes to an hour. Each level consists of a great number of tasks, which you must complete, to move onto the next level. Along the way there will also bonus missions you can complete if you choose to. There is literally no time limit on your missions so you can take as long as you want to complete each one.

One of the biggest pluses to the game’s campaign mode is the fact that the developers did a great job of mixing things up in the game. So you won’t be doing the same sort of mission over and over again, which is a huge advantage for a budget title. Although some of these tasks can be quite tedious, most of them are actually quite entertaining.

Although Wings of War does say it is a simulation style plane game, in all actuality it is more of an arcade flight game more then anything. The handling of the planes is pretty awkward in the sense that you seem to be able to turn very easily and that there is no possible way to stall. The game’s flight mechanics are a little off for the time frame the game was set in. The planes are equipped with shields, radars, and missiles. These are some things that really weren’t available during the WWI timeframe but are available in Wings of War.

The gameplay in the game ends up being pretty solid for being just a budget title. The missions have plenty of variety, and the campaign mode is long enough to get every dollar out of this game.


When we usually get budget titles in for review usually the easiest way to tell is by looking at the graphics. Normally in these lower priced games the graphics don’t get the same amount of attention as they would in a normally priced game.

What I found most surprising about Wings of War was that the game actually looked quite good in the graphics department. I am not saying that the game is a great looking game compared to other games on the market. But for the price you are given a pretty good looking game. The plane models aren’t overly detailed but they have enough to get the job done. The best part of the game would have to be the environments, which have plenty of detail and plenty of life in them. They were very nicely created and do wonders for the game.

Budget titles have never been known for their graphics, but Wings of War does a nice job of making everything in the game looking very presentable.

Fun Factor

Wings of War starts out to be quite fun, and although it does start to become a little repetitive after a while it does stay quite interesting throughout. One of the downsides that I thought took away from the game was the lack of a story in the game. So you really never get that connection in the game that really makes you want to go all the way through the game.


Wings of War is a game that has some ups and downs but that does enough to make it worth the time. Wings of War, for the price is actually quite a good game, that if you don’t have the cash to dish out on a full priced game can give any flight sim enthusiast plenty to do.

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