WipEout Pulse

WipEout Pulse


One of those series for Sony that has gained a real specific audience, is Wipeout, its been around with all of the Sony platforms. Although I wouldn’t consider it a huge mainstream racing game like Sony’s Gran Turismo franchise, but this is a franchise that has a real distinct, faithful following and hopes to bring that following back to the PSP with WipEout Pulse. Does WipEout Pulse have what it takes to make it worth the purchase? Read our full review to find out!


WipEout Pulse is not the first WipEout title to come to the PSP, we saw WipEout Pure back during the release of the PSP in 2005. So it has been sometime since we have seen this racer, and the big question then remains, how does WipEout Pulse improve upon what I consider WipEout Pure to be a very good game, and giving it an 8/10.

One of the initial reactions I had with WipEout Pulse is that it really takes out the slower start that has been apart of the WipEout franchise for quite sometime, and really just allows you to go through the game with your ride at top speeds. What this does is really opens up the entire WipEout Pulse experience to you, right from the get go.

I don’t usually go directly into online play, but for WipEout Pulse I think it is a good idea. The game supports both ad-hoc and infrastructure modes, and I have to say both work surprisingly well. The reason I start with the online play is because if you really just want to have great competition this is the place to go. This is really the first PSP game I have seen just overrun with not only games to play but also quality competition. For a game that moves so fast and remains very smooth, framerate-wise, the addition of customization for your racer comes as a welcome option.

The offline game holds up fantastic as well, you have a mode called Zone, which is actually a lot of fun. Basically the idea is just to get you to go unbelievably fast, basically you have no control over acceleration and your goal is to keep hitting 10 second intervals which basically means you passed the zone. This is a real fun mode and offers up at times a really frustrating challenge.

WipEout Pulse is one of those games that really grows on you. The game has a great variety of hovercrafts and weapons, and a decent amount of tracks to go along with it. It is amazing at times that the frame rate manages to keep up with such a fast game. With that being said, this is the type of game that if you let blossom it really becomes addictive, in a good way. More then anything I found myself just wanting to continue to improve my skills because the lightning speed in which the game is paced is quite incredible.


I am always worried, with each WipEout title that the visuals just aren’t going to be able to keep up with the pace of the game. And granted the game moves so quickly that at times it is near impossible to really see what is going on, however from what I can see the game has a really nice polish to it. Everything in the game has a good amount of detail, the tracks are great to look at, and not enough can be said to how impressive the frame rate holds up throughout the game.

Fun Factor

I have to say I had a lot of fun with WipEout Pulse, as it really takes out some of the more annoying setbacks that past games have had. This title on the other hand contains a fast paced racing experience that really can’t be rivaled by any other game like it out there today. WipEout Pulse is really an ideal PSP title, it not only can be played for long periods of time but you could throw the game in, play a quick game of Zone and move on, so it really does manage to work on both levels.


WipEout Pulse impressed me in a lot of ways. The gameplay itself has been improved over Pure, and manages to give a bit better balance with weapons, the racing seems to be worked out nicely, and the modes are fantastic. If you’re a fan of the fast paced racing then WipEout Pulse is a must have for your PSP.

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