Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure


I must say that I am not the biggest racing fan out there, but if there is one subgenre of racing I do enjoy it is the fast paced futuristic action-packed racing found in games like Wipeout and F-Zero. Today we get to look at the latest game in the Wipeout series, which is being released for Sony’s newest handheld the PSP. So how does this fast paced racing game translate onto the handheld? You’re going to have to read our review to find out!


One thing that has always impressed me about the Wipeout series is that it truly is, in my opinion, one of the fastest paced racing games out there. And with that exhilarating speed, the game still somehow manages to inject a bit of strategy, which comes into play with the smart usage of weapons in the game. Today we are looking at Wipeout Pure, which is the first Wipeout game in quite sometime. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, it is quite simply a fast paced racing game in which you take control of a hovercraft that of course can be equipped with weapons.

The game modes of Wipeout Pure include single race, time trial, free run, tournament, and endurance. All of these modes have their own unique feature, but probably the most unique of the bunch is the endurance mode, which really tests your driving ability. Your craft’s speed is controlled by the computer, and it is your job to make sure you don’t crash into any walls. Although right now this may seem pretty simple, the actual execution of this mode is quite spectacular. Also the game does include WiFi support, but unfortunately does not include online play, which is going to be a downside for some.

What I really do enjoy about Wipeout Pure is that it does exactly what it set out to do, and this to create a fast and thrilling experience. At first the games vehicles are rather sluggish, but as you get further into the game you will find that the crafts become extremely fast. I also enjoy all of the different courses in the game which all are very unique and really show off a very nice futuristic design. Throughout all of the courses there are power-ups you can pickup, which of course do a great job of spicing up the action.

Although the absence of online play did bother me a little, the actual gameplay itself is extremely solid. There really isn’t much to complain about this is a pretty standard and extremely entertaining racing experience that fans of the series are going to be glad to see back from its rather long absence.


I think when are going to look back on Wipeout Pure in a year or two, I think many will remember it not for its gameplay but rather for its stunning visuals. Thus far this is the best looking launch title out there, and truly shows the potential of this handheld device.

What impressed me most about Wipeout Pure was that environments in the game were extremely detailed and futuristic. The game in my opinion does a great job really spicing the action up with its very unique graphical flair. It’s also very impressive that with the extremely fast speeds the game still holds an extremely distinct look that I think will impress all PSP users.

Fun Factor

What has made the Wipeout series great in the past was that it was an extremely easy game to pick up and play and that it was fun from start to finish. This for the most part is exactly what Wipeout Pure does with its rather amazing visuals and really easy controls. Although the game does not include online play it has enough modes in it to really keep most of us satisfied for quite a long time.


If you are a fan of the Wipeout series or you are just a racing fan in general and looking for a game for your PSP, I would highly recommend picking up Wipeout Pure. It is by far one of the best launch titles out for the PSP and really in my opinion brings back to life the Wipeout series.

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