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Without Warning

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


In this day and age we are seeing more and more companies releasing games that focus more heavily on the storyline rather than on the gameplay. So instead of bringing just a video game, they want to bring you a great storyline that just lifts you through an experience, where you can take the key roles at the key parts of the story. The idea is nothing overly new, but we are going to be talking about a game today that uses an interesting story idea and tries to mold it into a great game. So does Circle Studio and Capcom team up to make a great game in Without Warning for the Xbox? Read our full review to find out!


As I mentioned in the introduction, Without Warning is a game that takes a very interesting story element and then tries to mold the game around it. What is interesting about this game’s storyline is that you have the perspectives of six people that are involved a terrorist invasion of a plant. The idea is something that feels like something from a movie or TV sitcom. The premise of this storyline is something that is very interesting, but the actual execution of this is not all that impressive. Nothing about the game’s storyline is all that interesting nor does anything in the game really stand out as different from anything we have been accustomed to in recent years.

You can probably already guess that with six players comes the chance for the developers to create some variety in the gameplay. I say this because you will be playing with six different players throughout the game. There are three special ops soldiers, a security guard, a secretary and also a cameraman.

The one big problem I had with Without Warning right out of the gate was the unfortunate fact that the three soldiers and the security guard feel way too similar, which is just not a good sign. The actual feel of the game for all characters is what I will start discussing now and this to has a lot of bad things going for it as well. We start of with the controls, which feel very clunky and are not overly responsive. I also found in Without Warning that although the game on paper sounds like it is going to be just a great action adventure style game, it never really offers much in terms of the actual combat. The shooting is not very intense and the game just doesn’t feel all that exciting.

What really hurts the experience in Without Warning is the main ingredient in which was supposed to separate this game from all the other shooters on the market and that is the storyline. The whole storyline is very bland and it never once took you out of the box and made you even semi-interested in any of the characters that you play as. In fact I never once cared what happened in this game, which is of course a total disaster when you speak of the game’s success in this new storyline idea.

In the end the gameplay of Without Warning was just a big disappointment. Whether you look at the storyline or its actual gameplay, it is just unfortunate to see a game that had a neat idea fair as poorly in the gameplay department as ended up doing.


With the gameplay being as poor as it was, the graphics unfortunately don’t do much better. In fact the only real positive thing I can say about the visuals is that they don’t have any terrible slow downs or animation problems. With that being said, Without Warning is a game that does have some interesting environment touches, but nothing overly detailed. It is hard for me to believe the developers were satisfied with the visual presentation when the game was going out to stores.

Fun Factor

When you look at Without Warning on paper, you would expect this game to be at least average. I mean when you look at how the ideas of this game seem to be all there, it is quite disappointing to see how far off this game ended up being. There were very few if any segments of the game where I was even mildly amused by anything going on. The game just manages to jumble up what seemed like a pretty good storyline and made all six characters just a real pain in the neck to play as.


In the end, Without Warning is just one of the most disappointing games of 2005. You look at the potential of this game and compare it to the results and it is just a sad picture to paint. I couldn’t find one person in the world that should spend their hard earned cash on this game; it is just one of those games that unfortunately should just be left on store shelves. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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