World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade


If your a gamer then you have gaming stories, and I don’t know anyone who calls themselves a gamer that hasn’t had that “can’t stop” mentality once in a while. We have all had those experiences where just can’t stop playing a game and when we end up looking at the clock it is 3 in the morning. Those type of experiences usually only happen in truly great games and one of those games that millions of gamers have had this type of experience in is Blizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft also known as WoW is one of the most beloved and subscribed to games of all time and now it has an expansion, Burning Crusade, which has just hit store shelves. So how does the expansion pack do? Read our full review to find out!


It is not all that often that we have a game like Burning Crusade come out and be as hyped as the original release. Expansions are usually sought after by fans, but the amount of interest in Burning Crusade is definitely above the normal. When reviewing an MMORPG, and an expansion at that you really have to be careful because the two mix very well and often times you forget what is exactly new and what was part of the original product. So today we are going to be talking about Burning Crusade, the changes it has made from the original package and what it has done for the Gameplay.

Burning Crusade offers up two new races which include Draenei (Alliance) and Blood Elves (Horde) two very distinct new races with there advantages and disadvantages. The fact is that Burning Crusade may not seem to offer up that much in term of new races however these two new races come with all new starting areas and a huge list of new quests up to level 20. You will find a lot of the veterans going to these new races and at times I felt like with the addition of the new races the majority of players were going into the new races which left a bit of unbalance, but now a few months later we are finding that it is starting to even out and the game is becoming back to normal.

Another huge upgrade for the big WoW players is the upping of the maximum level which was 60 and now has made its way to 70 which has added just a huge amount of content. In fact Burning Crusade is going to bring back a lot of old players who have maxed out there characters who want to check out the new quests and new levels in which you can make it to. I can’t say I have been able to get everything needed to “fully” review this game but having some high level characters on WoW I have been able to go into a lot of the new content which has just taken this game even further then it was.

Burning Crusade is not going to make people who were against World of Warcraft fans of the game, but what it does do, is add so much new content that fans of World of Warcraft are just going to eat all up.


For any MMORPG, you have a problem that comes with age, and that is the visuals that for World of Warcraft really hasn’t hit a peak yet, but we are starting to see a lot of people complain that the style from World of Warcraft is just starting to age a bit and unfortunately Burning Crusade doesn’t do anything really to advance the visuals although some of the new areas are actually pretty intense looking and do add a bit more style then what we have seen in some of the older environments in the game.

Fun Factor

I have always been a fan of World of Warcraft and have found that the game manages on so many levels to entertain and to keep you coming back for more. And a few years after the initial release of World of Warcraft we see now Burning Crusade a game that continues to take the WoW experience to the next level with a higher level cap, more quests, and new races which just does wonders for the game.


There is no doubt in my mind that World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is exactly what the fans of the franchise to the next level. This is not a new World of Warcraft experience, however Burning Crusade has enough new content that could easily keep fans of the game occupied for many months to come.

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