World Poker Tour 2K6

World Poker Tour 2K6


With the increasing popularity of Poker on TV, we have seen quite a few games trying to grab a piece of the pie. Not only are people watching Poker, but they are learning how to play the game, and it is fast becoming a popular past time activity nowadays. Well today you guessed it, we are checking out another poker game in World Tour Poker for the Xbox, which tries to make its mark on the Poker craze. So does the game succeed? Read our full review to find out!


Now we checked out just recently a previous Poker game from Activision, and this was a game that got the poker down but really failed on all other levels. To this date we have not really seen a poker game really succeed in pushing itself to new heights. So can World Poker Tour create the first great poker game?

Well to say the least, one of the things that is pretty obvious the developers focused on is character creation, and this is trying to make a more personal poker experience. The creation of your character is actually an extremely deep system, in which you can customize their appearance from head to toe, and even give them a unique personality. So as you can probably already see, this portion of the game is pretty important and in my opinion was very nicely made.

The core of the gameplay is in the Career Mode, which in my mind could make or break the game. Basically like most other poker games, you start at the bottom of the barrel, playing some pretty small little tournaments to try to improve your skill and learn how the games are played. The game doesn’t really try to go too far in-depth with this mode, which is kind of disheartening. I mean there are so many ways you could try to make this mode deeper, for example by trying to throw in some sort of storyline or something. In the end the mode is more than capable, but it just never tries to really get you the gamer really involved with your character, but instead just play a game of poker.

The actual poker in the game works like every other poker game on the consoles, and that is just to say that it works. The game doesn’t try to add any new tricks or try and mix up what we have seen in the past. Since poker games seem to be played by both hardcore and new gamers alike, this is a game that can really be picked up by anyone and can just start playing. Which although may sound bad, is actually a good thing as this makes this very accessible for all gamers who love poker.

The game does have Xbox Live support, but this is once again an experience that I felt could have been a lot more exciting then what was presented. The game offered the typical poker style modes, with both Tournament and just normal poker games. The game never tries to really create a huge tournament system or really make anything close to what resembles anything we see on TV. The Xbox Live support works, but like the rest of the game, it just kind of feels like there could have been more to it.

In the end World Poker Tour has some good ideas, and I have to say with the price tag being $20, you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck. With that being said, I still would have liked to see more out of the career mode and Xbox Live support. There is just so many places they could take this poker game, but unfortunately none of these open roads have been taken with World Poker Tour.


I hate to keep bringing up stereotypes of Poker games, but for whatever reason these games seem to be some of the worst looking games on the consoles, and unfortunately World Poker Tour goes along with this trend. I have to say that first and foremost, the character models in the game are just downright terrible, with the dullest appearance I have seen this year. I just don’t see really any sort of facial features in the game and the environments are pretty plain as well. There is just nothing about the game’s presentation that stands out and seems like it was worked on with any conviction. It is pretty unfortunate to see the game struggle with what would seem to be an easy game visually to create, even if it is a $20.00 game.

Fun Factor

World Poker Tour is a game that is filled with positives and negatives, and nothing really in between. The game has some good poker AI, so for the most part the computer will be very smart about staying in hands and bluffing and things of that nature. But at the same token the game is bad at trying to add anything that hasn’t been done already in previous poker games. The game is very accessible for any poker fan, but in my opinion the game could have done much better in making a more entertaining and original poker title.


In the end, even though the game is competitively priced at $20, it still seems to me that the developers could have really done a better job with this game. The career mode is pretty plain and the online mode is not overly deep. The game will work for anyone who just wants to play some tournament-style poker, but for those who were hoping 2K Sports would come out with an original poker title, you won’t find it in World Poker Tour.

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