World Tour Soccer

World Tour Soccer


One of the more accomplished series from 989 Sports is the World Tour Soccer, which has had some very impressive outings in recent years. But unfortunately, I have found that the series has hit the wall in terms of innovation and playability, losing ground on the other soccer games out on the market today. So can 989 Sports show how it’s done on the PSP? Or will the poor results of the game on the PS2 translate over to the same results on the PSP? You’re going to have to read our full review to find out now!


One of the major complaints about the World Tour Soccer series is that it has always been known for their fast-paced action, rather than the realistic-simulation style of the FIFA franchise. This enables you to win matches with a high scoring margin, as opposed to its real-life counterpart. So will these same complaints come up with the PSP version?

World Tour Soccer offers up quite a bit in terms of game modes, which include several tournaments, as well as a challenge mode and local WiFi play. I must say that although the WiFi support is a great thing, the challenge mode is my favorite thing in the game. The reason for this is because it does just what it says on the label, and that is challenging you. You are awarded points for everything you do, such as successful passes or accurate shooting. What makes it challenging is that the same applies to the computer. The game really keeps you focused 100% of the time, and that makes this mode very addictive because the computer AI can really become quite hard.

The game attempts to inject some simulation to its predominantly arcade style gameplay, which is helped in no small matter by solid controls. When you think about the fact that we are playing a fully capable soccer game on a handheld device, it really begins to put things in a better perspective. What I found very impressive about World Tour Soccer was how intuitive the controls really were. The game just played so smoothly without any real big problems that you forget for a while that you’re playing this on the PSP handheld instead of its console counterpart.

This soccer game is not without flaws, as the absence of an official FIFA license does detract a bit from the whole experience. It addition to missing several famous players, the game doesn’t put much emphasis on the defensive side of the beautiful game, which again results in those unrealistically high-scoring matches. Even with that being said, the game is still fun to play, and would undoubtedly be enjoyed by fans of the sport and the franchise.


The thing about World Tour Soccer is that the camera angle makes it a bit tough to judge the visual aspects of the game. I say this because the game uses a more distant camera view then most of us may be used to, and therefore it may seem not all that great in the visuals department. But in my opinion the game still does some good thing even with this camera angle.

The character models, although they aren’t that apparent, do have some very noticeable detail to them. Also to be mentioned are the great use of colors which can be seen in the fields which are very nicely created. With that being said the game does still have some minor flaws and because of the distant camera angle the overall look of the game is pretty much decent.

Fun Factor

If you didn’t already know this from previous soccer game reviews that I have done, I do enjoy the game of soccer, both watching and playing. Therefore I do look for a quite a bit when playing soccer based video games. With that being said, World Tour Soccer is just a very enjoyable experience. The game offers up a very entertaining challenge mode, and the WiFi support will seriously make for some great games. I wish there would have been more depth in the single player portion of the game, but maybe that will come next year.


World Tour Soccer is a solid launch title for the PSP, offering an enjoyable soccer experience. With the arrival of EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer soon, it should be interesting to see how the two stack up. But I would say that if you are in the market for a soccer game for your PSP, World Tour Soccer would not be a bad choice by any stretch of the imagination.

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