Worms Clan Wars

I haven’t played a Worms game in a long time. And I mean a very long time-- the last time I had this game was on DOS. I was a freshman in high school and our biology teacher had us cleaning out her storage closet. We found an old computer and decided to set it up. After about 30 minutes of working with DOS and setting Windows up, I was able to get into Windows 3.1. As I navigated through it, I found a huge game folder, and within it I found Worms. I don’t remember much of the layout because I’m old, but I do remember being able to use a kamikaze worm. I really liked that weapon, and usually won by using it. Team17's been plugging away at the franchise all these years, and they're back with another Worms installment, Worms Clan Wars.

You have a choice of going with Online Multiplayer, Clan Wars, and Local Play, which includes story mode, Worms Ops, and Versus. Since I suck at multiplayer, I stuck with the story mode and Worms Ops with a side of Versus against the bots. Don’t let these bots fool you: they are out to kick you off of their map and more than likely able to force you off a cliff to your death. A few times I was even outsmarted by a great enemy play my Worm would fall into. This particular time they had used an air strike that flooded my area with water and sent two of my Worms down to their deaths. You can customize your Worms as to how you want them to look, sound and even die. You can pick out a particular gravestone for them if they parish. However, any types of water graves or memorials are not included. Those poor Worms are forgotten once they fall off a cliff and drown. If one of your Worms meets their demise, you restart the mission from the checkpoint or if you messed up like I did, you start from the beginning of that mission. There are tool, health and weapon drops throughout the maps, but you have the ability to buy weapons through the weapons menu. The tools and weapons available are interesting and provide some entertainment when they're unleashed on the enemy, such as an exploding sheep. There is more traditional weaponry such as the bazooka, uzi, shotgun, and even blowtorches, allowing you to tunnel through a wall.

The gameplay is turn-based and you are expected to get your moves done within a certain amount of time, and without dying. After a few missions off of the map, I felt it was getting really repetitive. It might have been the losses I was taking, but they took a toll on my attention span. I grew somewhat restless and would often simply wander off to do other things. The background and scenery change as to what time of day it is in the game. The layout is similar to the original games, but with a crisper look to it to incorporate more obstacles and areas to hide out from enemy Worms.

I attempted both the online multiplayer and Clan Wars. With Clan Wars, I didn't find any US teams. I felt a bit shy when I realized that I would be the first one to register under the US, and didn't want that kind of pressure on my shoulders. I’m the epitome of major failure during a multiplayer/clan war fight of any kind. It doesn't help that I’m not well versed in winning against bots either. The AI still beats me, damn it. I was very nervous that my clan would be annihilated within seconds, and I can’t put my Worms through that. I thought it was interesting to be able to create your own clan and name them the way you want to. You got to set up your emblem, and fight against other clans. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a multiplayer match at my level. My level remains on Family, since I’m nowhere near Standard and hardly qualify for Beginner.

I like the game overall, but it tends to grow a bit tired after a few missions from the story. Some of the actions taken on either side were glitchy and would save or kill me. I would throw a bomb and miss, but it would still hit its intended target and I would win. If you enjoyed the rest of the Worms games, you should have this one in your collection. It has its fun moments and can be lighthearted with its dry humor. These Worms can keep you entertained as you go along with the story or create a clan and have fun online. However, I mentioned before that the gameplay is repetitive and becomes frustrating when you unexpectedly jump and fall to your death. I would suggest trying this game out one mission at a time in story mode or Worm Ops to see if you have the skill and patience to keep up with the bots, and then move to Multiplayer and Clan Wars.