Worms Revolution Extreme

Worms Revolution Extreme remains true to its Wormy roots and gives you some Worm action for your Vita. By utilizing the touchscreen functionality, it allows you to take a break from regular gameplay and attempts to satisfy your mobile device addiction. It tries to give you the best of both worlds but ends up being repetitive after a while. I was able to play a few rounds in between work assignments, but grew frustrated with my lack of planning and miscalculating the angles of my grenade throws and bazooka strikes.

The gameplay remains the same as before where you and your Worms battle against computer or other human controlled Worms to see who can outsmart the other and complete the objective. I found that I was able to play more of the campaign because it kept my interest and was pretty straightforward. Since I've recently played Worms Clan Wars, I was already familiar with the set up. The single player modes gave some variety of maps, puzzles, objectives and enemies. The same type of customization was available in this game as it was in Clan Wars.

A Treasure mode is available so you could share items with a PS friend. In order to unlock these items, you gain keys by completing side objectives, online or offline. I thought that was an interesting addition, but I didn't share my key with anyone. Speaking of which, With the multiplayer, I wasn't able to find an online lobby to try out the mode. Instead, I tried out the versus and enjoyed playing against someone sitting near me. It was exactly like the other versions but the Vita gave you privacy to choose your moves against a live player. We were able to share the device without having to get out of the way of the other player and not sneak a look at their moves. It also helped that if I was attacked and had a worm killed, I can throw something at the person or otherwise make it impossible for them to complete their next turn without destroying a PC in the process. The Vita is small enough to come out unscathed, unless the other player decides to use it as a shield.

The controls were simple and the touchscreen helped with the inventory and navigating through the menus. I didn't encounter awkward movements like I did with Clan Wars. The camera angles, though, were a bit weird after each turn and lingered on different players as the turn finished for a few times. It took a few seconds to realize I wasn't looking at the correct worm and the camera would shift as soon as there was an action taken. There were also times of lag throughout several turns which made me think that my Vita was attempting to be tactful with its moves.

Overall, it's the same game as before but on a handheld, which worked very well for the gameplay. It maintained my attention for a while and I was able to enjoy the puzzles presented throughout the campaign. As I mentioned before, it gets pretty repetitive after a few rounds. If you don't take full advantage of your turn by destroying a worm or two, don't underestimate the computer because it will move its worms in place and take the shot. If you liked any of the Worms games, I suggest you try this out. The mobility of the Vita gave it a slight edge over Worms Clan Wars.