WWE Day of Reckoning

WWE Day of Reckoning


I really feel for all of you Nintendo fans out there, because you guys have really been getting the short end of the stick if you ask me when it comes to wrestling games. It was only a few years ago the N64 was flourishing with great wrestling titles. But since the release of the Cube we have yet to see a great wrestler hit the Nintendo platform. Will Day of Reckoning fill the gap? You’re going to have to read on to find out!


Since the Gamecube was released a few years ago it has seen its fair share of wrestling titles. And although these wrestling games have progressively getting better, the progress has been few and far between. The N64 was really known for having the best wrestling titles but when the PS2 showed up with the Smackdown series, Nintendo has since been left in the dust. Last year’s edition although made strides at getting better left out a lot of much needed gameplay enhancements that would have put it over the top.

Right from the get go we are presented with some great new features in Day of Reckoning but are also given some reasons to complain as well. The game consists of a pretty tradition set of game modes including: Single, Tag-Team, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, Handicap, Royal Rumble, Hardcore, Ladder, Table, TLC, Cage, Hell in the Cell, and Iron Man. This can all be played in the exhibition mode. Along with the Exhibition mode we also have a brand new Story Mode that was supposed to help revitalize the series as well as an improved Create a Wrestler option.

One of the biggest upsides to this edition of the WWE series for the Cube is the new Story Mode. For those of you who remember last year’s story mode it was just plain bad. The mode had nothing going for it and in fact most people who bought the game skipped it all together. Luckily for everyone this year we have a much deeper story mode.

In this year’s story mode you have the choice of either using one of the stock characters already created for you or your own superstar. In this Story Mode you will not have the ability to play with any of the real live superstars, divas, or legends. So with that out of the way you will take your new Superstar and take him from the bottom ranks to the top. This is a lot deeper of a story mode then we have seen in years past. The mode shows the long tough process of making your way to the big shows, and you will have to earn every step. The one downside to the story mode would have to be the lack of any voice in the game, which means you will be reading a lot of text in the game. The one major downside I do have with the Story Mode is that you will get objectives you much complete in matches but there is no way to find out if you have completed them without winning the match. So you have to really make sure you do exactly what the objective asked you because you will have no way of finding out if you have until the match is over.

With that being said this is still one of the better story modes I have seen in a wrestling game to date. The game’s Story Mode is very linear, with your only choice is to either go to Raw or Smackdown. Other then that the pace of the mode is right on, you don’t spend an overwhelming amount of time in one spot but yet you still have to work to make it in the game.

There is one last downside that must be discussed about Day of Reckoning that cannot go without mentioning. The roster of this year’s game seems quite a bit slimmer then in years past. In fact there are plenty of key wrestlers that were left out of the game, which will be a major disappointment to hardcore WWE fans!

The last few games have had some major issues in the gameplay department of the game, with the gameplay not flowing as well as many would expect. In Day of Reckoning you will notice that things have been sped up quite a bit and a lot of the problems that plagued the game last year have been fixed. The reversal system is now a lot more responsive and the grappling is also a lot better. But you still get the feeling that the game doesn’t flow as well as it should. The gameplay still is a step behind Smackdown but it has done a great job catching up and making a much more enjoyable wrestling title.

Overall Day of Reckoning has made strides in this edition that Nintendo fans have been wanting for years now. The gameplay has been refined quite a bit and the story mode is quite a bit more impressive. Give the game one more year and we could be talking about Nintendo being back in wrestling glory.


Last year’s edition really wasn’t easy on the eyes. For those of you who played the game the graphics looked good on screenshots but it ended up not amounting to anything much when playing. The animations of the game last year were quite poor and ended up making the game look pretty bad.

In Day of the Reckoning we no longer have many of these problems. This year we have in my mind the best looking wrestling models to hit the consoles to date. The lighting effects in the game are also fantastic this year, a huge step up from last year. The one concern many had was in the animation department, which has had I would say 95% of the issues from last year cleaned up. There are still a few problems here and there but nothing like last year.

Overall the game has updated a lot of the problems from years past and made a very good-looking game this year.

Fun Factor

Day of Reckoning is a game that if you like wrestling you are going to have fun with this game. The grappling system can be very rewarding as you use it more and more and the reversal system is a step ahead of last year. With all of the different game modes to choose from as well as a very deep Story Mode all wrestling fans are going to have a blast playing through this one.


WWE: Day of Reckoning is a huge step ahead of last year’s version with a solid Story Mode, great graphics, and plenty of game modes to choose from. Nintendo fans should be quite pleased that they have finally gotten a wrestling game worth talking about!

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