X2: Wolverines Revenge

X2: Wolverines Revenge


With the recent release of the blockbuster hit X2 in the theaters, it comes as no surprise that they would be creating a game about it. Well after watching the movie, I must say I absolutely loved it, where I though the original X-Men movie was just sub-par, this movie blew it out of the water with great fighting scenes and an interesting plot. Now the game has been released and the biggest question is can the game do the movie justice? Unfortunately, the answer is No.


What is surprising about X2: Wolverines Revenge is that it doesn’t actually connect much with the movie. Which is quite confusing, because with a movie that faired as well as X2 did, it would make a lot of sense to use the existing story to create a game. But instead the story takes a turn away from the movie and onto a totally separate path. You start out the game with immediately finding out Wolverine only has 48 hours to live, after being diagnosed with the odd Shiva Virus. Wolverines healing power has kept the virus contained for a while, but it has finally got to him and now it needs to be dealt with. You will find that although it is odd they didn’t continue with the story from the movie, that the story of Wolverine’s Revenge is actually quite interesting, and will be one of the key factors to keeping this game from not totally failing.

Basically X2: Wolverine’s Revenge is really a game of mixed genres. Incorporating elements of adventure, fighting and also stealth into one game, it is obvious that the developers were hoping to create something special. This may sound good one paper, but the game suffers from several problems that keeps the gameplay well into the mediocre category.

As most of you probably already know Wolverine has a few special powers at his disposal. The most mentionable of course is his claws, as well as he healing power, and then his highly skilled senses. All of which have a major impact on how the game plays out. In the game you can only heal with your claws in, which will cause you to have to do a lot of standing around, and waiting for life. This will also mean that you will be taking a lot of time by fighting without your claws because of the healing. The super sense portion of the game can be found when you hold the left trigger button down. When you do this your senses are alerted and you will be able to uncover mines, and other obstacles that may stop you from going through.

One of the more annoying portions of X2 has to be the save system. The only way to save it to go all the way through a whole level, which means more often than not, you will be playing the same level over and over again.

The stealth portion of the game is really where the biggest problem begins. Here you will find dumb AI, and mediocre stealth gameplay. It just doesn’t have the true feel of stealth, because a lot of times it doesn’t work out. Just by holding the stealth button the enemy won’t notice you and will then become an even easier target to pounce on.

When I first picked up X2 I was immediately hooked into fast and fun fighting gameplay. But as the game went on and the story progressed, the gameplay seemed to deteriorate and become very repetitive. And all the problems found in the game’s gameplay really winds down to a quite disappointing game.

The game does host quite a bit of cut scenes, which help the story progress. These are actually probably the best aspect of X2. Not only is the story quite interesting, but the voice acting is quite good. Many of the actors from the movie came on to the game, which worked out very nicely. The soundtrack is also quite good with some nice background music that will play throughout the game. Luckily there are enough tracks so that you won’t find yourself hearing the same thing over and over again.


At first glance X2: Wolverines Revenge doesn’t look seem like a bad looking title. You will find that although a lot of the graphics department is done quite well, there are some nagging problems that keep it from being very good.

The character models were pretty nicely done, and mostly when I say this I am talking about Wolverine himself. He has an interesting tough look to him that is not only quite unique but works quite nicely. The enemy’s in the game do become quite repetitive looking, but the character models are definitely not bad. The environments are most likely the best aspect of the game’s graphics, with quite interesting designs, and well mapped out areas this is one section of the game’s graphics that actually fair well.

The biggest problem with X2: Wolverine Revenge’s graphics would have to be all the bugs, and mainly the clipping. For those of you who haven’t heard the term, it is when for example an arm is going through a wall, and you will find a lot of that here in X2. It’s quite disappointing to find half of enemy’s body engraved in a wall and the other half sticking out waiting to be attacked. The overall appearance of X2: Wolverines Revenge is not going to win any awards, but it does manage to get the job done in decent fashion.

Fun Factor

In X2: Wolverines Revenge you will find that a lot of things could have been done a lot better, but then you can also see why people could have a lot of fun playing this game. For me I felt the game was quite enjoyable for the first few levels but after that the problems kept occurring, and the gameplay became quite repetitive. For those of you less picky people, this is actually a great game for you, but for everyone else, you will find that although this game has it’s moments; it just fails to stay fun for its entirety.


X2: Wolverine’s Revenge is a game that falls short once again of making a top quality super hero game. With only mediocre graphics and gameplay, and I can really only recommend this to the full on Wolverine fans who won’t mind a few problems. For everyone else this is a good rental that will give you some high-flying action for your Xbox.

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