I doubt I need to go over the history of video game tie ins to comic book based movies but the long and short of it isn’t pretty. For the most part the combination turns out to be nothing short of awful, with only a select few turning out to be worthwhile even as rentals. So going into playing Captain America Super Solider I have to say I wasn’t expecting much, but the final outcome may surprise you. Read our full review to find out more.


At its core Captain America is a beat-em up action game set in a semi-open world environment. The game is loosely tied to the movie that came out this summer and even less ties to an actual storyline. I’m not a Literature Major but I have a feeling a good story is supposed to have a start, middle, and an end. Well Captain America: Super Soldier skips the whole introduction part and throws you somewhere in the middle and ends to fizzle out before the end. So if your coming into this game hoping for some sort of story that adds to what I consider to be a great movie your going to be disappointed.

Where the developers really get it right is in the combat. Playing as Captain America is quite satisfying. The developers really nailed the combination of punches and kicks along with the all-important shield. The ability to string together combos and then pull off special moves can be rewarding from start to finish. The controls are familiar to anyone who has played an action game, which allows you to jump right into the action without a learning curve.

The game does allow you to run around the environment as you please however as I did earlier mention this is a semi-open world experience. The semi comes into play with the many invisible walls and barriers are scattered throughout the game that make both the captain’s mobility far more limited than it should have been. There also isn’t a ton of incentive to go off the story driven path unless you really want to collect the games several different sets of collectibles. The game is an unfortunate case of collectable overload which really doesn’t fit with the rest of the mold of the game.

Captain America is firing on all cylinders when you’re taking out bad guys, running from point A to point B with a clear objective in mind. The developers did throw in some acrobatics which feels sort of foreign to the rest of the game. There are also some puzzles thrown in the game which end up repeating quite a few times in the game. These are nice attempts to keep things fresh in the game but end of feeling like a cheap suit.

All in all this is one of the better playing comic book video games in 2011. Playing as the Captain is actually quite satisfying and although there are some minor annoyances here and there the overall experience is quite enjoyable.


Visually Captain America is for the most part an eye sore. The good news is Captain America looks stunning bright with color and full of detail. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about anything else in the game. The environments are drab and lack any sort of life. The enemies all sort of blend together and outside of the cut scenes there is nothing in this game that pops on screen. I would be remiss to not mention that the game does manage to keep a pretty stable frame rate throughout even if there aren’t a ton of enemies on screen at any one time.

Fun Factor

Let me be clear about a few things. This is a game that is lacking any sort of story and really is a beat em up action title with a few twists thrown in to mix things up. However if you have any affinity to Captain America then there is still a lot to enjoy the experience. The fighting itself is well done and although upgrading the Captain isn’t necessary to finish the game it does offer some satisfying new combinations. If you can get past many of the games shortcomings there is still a fun experience to be had here.


More than anything else Captain America: Super Soldier is a short but enjoyable experience. It is a game that comes out during one of the slowest periods of the gaming year and capitalizes on that with a solid outing .This is not a game that will win any year-end awards but is worth at least checking out for those who have a yearning for more Captain America.

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