Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


It wasn’t all that long ago that if “Quake” was in the title of a video game there would be a humongous amount of hype surrounding the game. The Quake games ended up slowly loosing their steam and became less of a commodity. Then came last year’s PC game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars which fans found to be one of the first solid Quake titles in a long time. Activision saw the success of the PC version and decided to bring it to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Today we are checking out Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the Xbox 360 which hopes to bring the successful FPS to the 360. Does this game have what it takes? Read our full review to find out!


So I have always been a big fan of Quake titles, they have always had a great sense of speed but also have been able to keep some strategy in the experience as well. The big concern with any Quake game coming on the console is the control which has never been a fantastic transition because of the analog sticks which has always taken a good deal away from the experience in the past. Can the developers manage to successfully bring Quake to the 360 and also allow it to stand up against the many other great FPS on the platform.

Let’s start with the single player mode (yes there is one) which is nothing more then just throwing the multiplayer maps together and putting a little bit to connect the dots. The single player mode like many other online centered FPS is mainly a training ground for what is to come in the multiplayer. More then anything I think its a good thing that they have at least included the single player to give gamers an option outside of the online play.

But of course if you are buying a Quake title chances are your buying it for the online multiplayer which is exactly what this game does best. Unlike the early Quake titles, the online play in this game relies heavily on teamwork. This is something that hasn’t always translated all that well on consoles and I just didn’t feel like it managed to figure out all the quirks when playing on the 360. More then many other FPS on the market today, Quake Wars really requires a lot more skill then the average FPS especially due to its very fast speed.

The real problem with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is that its just a lot to take in, in a very fast action game. Therefore the learning curve for a non-seasoned Quake vet can be quite steep and I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the non-hardcore FPS fans are going to become a bit daunted with the learning curve and go back to other games that aren’t as complex.

I however believe that for a Quake game, Enemy Territory does a solid job of bringing the experience to the 360. More then anything this is a very well controlled game and that if played correctly does offer up a heck of a online experience. What was a bit disappointing in my mind is that for a more expensive version of the game (the PC was about ten dollars cheeper) that there wasn’t any increase in content and when your spending more money in this type of economy you want all the bang for your buck you can get.


Visually the transition from PC to 360 has been a dismal one at best for Quake Wars. From my experience the majority of the maps in the game are a lot more “blocky” then what we experienced in the PC game. Although I can’t say I spent considerable time with the PC version, I can say that the 360 version just doesn’t have the finesse that we have seen from games like Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. The only positive thing I can say about the visuals is that the frame rate stays up pretty good especially for such a fast moving game. Outside of the frame-rate, the rest of the visuals really fail to produce anything to write home about.

Fun Factor

Being a fan of past Quake titles I tried to take myself out of that position and put myself in the position of the average gamer. When I did that I realized that this is the type of game that if you really give the game time and let it come to you there is a lot to enjoy in the game. Its just the fact that you have to really be patient, and understand that there will be things in the game that you will have to get the hang of. The single player isn’t anything to really spend to much time with but the online play is good enough to come back to over and over again.


Although I would like to have seen a lot more content added to this game being that it is a full priced Xbox 360 game, With that being said if you don’t have a PC that will run this game (although I would highly recommend the PC version over the 360) then give this game a chance, its not necessarily a blockbuster title, but its good enough to get you through some hot summer days.

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