Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock


Remember when music games were all the rage? Wait wasn’t that only two maybe three years ago? Boy how things have changed. What would have once been a highlight of the holiday season now has been coming out under the radar. I am of course talking about Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock the latest music game to come from Activision/Neversoft. So the question is can Warriors of Rock revitalize the franchise? Read our full review to find out!


You can say what you want about Warriors of Rock, but one thing cannot be denied it has a very deep setlist. With 90+ songs on the disc (with a wide range of musical styles) and countless on the Guitar Hero store, there is plenty of music to sink your teeth into, especially if you have taken a few years off from the series.

The big draw for Warriors of Rock is the new quest mode which is a story mode voiced by Gene Simmons that takes you through this rather crazy rock and roll trip that feels like it is a perfect fit for the franchise. Let’s face it Warriors of Rock is for those who really love there rock and roll music and Neversoft makes that even more clear with the over the top rock and roll quest mode. For me I just didn’t find it to be all that entertaining and preferred to just go through quick or party play.

The music is as diverse of a lineup as you would expect from a Guitar Hero game highlighting some pretty good tunes. Of course when you have over 90 tracks you are bound to find some that you also don’t necessarily care for either.

There are some new powers within the game, and the quest mode does manage to give a new flare to previous career modes. Warriors of Rock ends up feeling like a track pack addition rather then a full new experience. This game is clearly aimed at the hardcore Guitar Hero fans and takes another step away from an already fading audience. This is not a bad playing Guitar Hero game by any measure it just doesn’t change anything about it either.


Visually Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock hasn’t changed much from its Guitar Hero 5 predecessor. You’re going to find the characters recognizable and the rock and roll style very familiar. What has changed a bit is the emphasis on how “rock and roll” this game is. I actually think that the visuals more then any other part of the game really tell how strongly the focus was to get this game to feel more like a rock and roll experience.

Fun Factor

The novelty of playing musical instruments in a video game caught on so fast that it is not surprising that the other side of the curve has come so quickly as well. Warriors of Rock is a perfect example of a game that instead of going for a mass audience like past games, goes more for a niche and is at least somewhat successful in doing so. When it’s all said and done if your just a hardcore fan of Guitar Hero you will continue to enjoy the series with this game.


I get the feeling that Activision is using Warriors of Rock more as a stepping stone to bring us to their next big music title. The Guitar Hero franchise has been one of great success over the years and it is a bit disappointing to see Warriors of Rock only manage to be a slight improvement over last years title. Let’s just hope the series will see more exciting days in the future.

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