Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money


One of the series that in my opinion deserves to be more on the radar is the Hitman series, which just by the name seems like a great idea for a video game. The Hitman franchise hasn’t been the best of gaming, but it has brought some great third person action games that combine both stealth and intense action. Now we are here on the transition to the next generation consoles, and we have the latest game from the Hitman series, Hitman: Blood Money for the Xbox 360. So can Eidos and Io Interactive team up to bring the Hitman series out of the shadows? Read our full review to find out!


One of the key attributes of any Hitman title has to be the story, which definitely has driven previous Hitman titles and once again proves to be a big factor in Blood Money as well. Although I refuse to give the games story away, because it works so well in this game, I will just say that Agent 47 has a big task in front of him, one in which takes a ton of twists and turns throughout the whole adventure. This is one of those games that is driven heavily by its story, and I can’t say how much quality storytelling moments this game gives. It is not the most original piece of work ever, but at the same time it works well.

Now this being the first "next gen" Hitman game, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Io Interactive and Blood Money. Surprisingly however, Blood Money sticks with the typical Hitman format that has worked well for the series in the past. I would say the game would be best described as a hybrid action game, which delightfully blends stealth with full out action. It even manages to add some adventure and puzzle elements to make the game a more wholesome and complete experience.

One thing however that does change a bit is the size of the maps, which had the tendency to be somewhat big in previous games, and gets extremely large in Blood Money. In fact, this is one of the big differences in that it adds those elements that I was previously talking about and at times however does make you feel like your wandering around aimlessly. The game does a good job of making the stealth simple enough that anyone can enjoy it, whether a hardcore fan or just an average gamer. I find that the way the game paces itself is just to keep an entertaining feel, unlike a Splinter Cell type game where it can be extremely realistic and frustrating.

There are some problems however in Blood Money which mainly just deals with poor AI, which has plagued many games of this kind in the past. I say this because sometimes the stealth goes too far on the easy side and I just found myself walking right past enemies who should have been taking my head off. The AI also doesn’t put up much of a fight during the action sequences, which does take away some of the game’s realism or believability.

In the end, for a next generation game, I was still very impressed with Blood Money, but at the same time I was left wanting just a little bit more. However with that being said, this is the best playing game of the series, and that deserves a pretty high mark in my books.


For me, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with what Hitman had to offer on the visual side of things. I was really expecting a much more immersive and complex game, befitting its next-gen tag. However, it looks more or less the same as its current gen console counterpart, mainly because this is a direct port to the 360. While the transition manages to improve a bit on the resolution, it unfortunately did not add anything new or impressive at all.

Fun Factor

I am a fan of Agent 47, I think he is one of the more interesting and intriguing video game characters out there. He is a very simple minded character, and to me that makes him very entertaining. The game itself definitely does a good job of keeping things feel fresh and exciting throughout, with the combination of stealth and action, which make a nice blend of gaming. If you have enjoyed the previous Hitman games (like I have) then you will continue to enjoy the series in this latest outing.


I am happy to say that although Hitman: Blood Money is not the perfect gaming experience, it is a very good and enjoyable one. I have to say the upgrades to the game were substantial enough to warrant a must purchase for fans of the series, and at least a rental from everyone else who enjoys the genre.

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