Kameo: Elements of Power

Kameo: Elements of Power


Not many game these day have been eagerly awaited than Kameo, which went from being the original Xbox launch title to Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox 360 console a few years later. So was the game worth the wait? Read our full review to find out!


There were a few games that I can honestly say I was really looking forward to playing on the Xbox 360, and one of these games was Kameo: Elements of Power. Of all the 360’s launch title, Kameo stood out as the one "unique" game from the bunch. Kameo was really the only game that attempted to go outside of the box (no pun intended) and that is really what appealed to me about this game. So the big question is can this action adventure game make a splash for the 360?

I am not going to get fully into Kameo’s story like I normally would for a game like this, mainly because of how important the story is in the game. To give you an idea of what the game is about however I will tell you that you play as a sort of "fairy" character’s whose ability it is to change into several different creatures. Now all of these creatures have different abilities. Unfortunately the powers are all taken away and it is your job to go retrieve them and use them to help your character bring peace to the world once more. The story is a very strong part of the game and it is used beautifully throughout this adventure.

So how does Kameo play, you might be wondering? Well to be perfectly up front with all of you, this game really focuses more on combat, whereas I thought it would lean more towards the adventure elements. Getting back these different characters that your character can turn into is actually a nice idea, because you are constantly motivated to keep playing as you want to collect them all back. There are different types of characters Kameo can turn into which are: rock, fire, water, ice, and plant. Of course throughout the game you will also have to learn the significance of each class, and this in turn will have a significant impact on when and where to use these forms.

The idea behind Kameo is simply great, because this should allow a very varied game, as you have so many different types of characters to play as. This starts out to be fun but there is one big problem. And that is that a lot of the different characters are actually a pain to play as. And this wouldn’t be a huge deal, except the game sort of forces you to play as all of the characters as certain times always call for certain creatures. The reason some of these characters are less entertaining are that there are some that are slow, others that are weak, and others that are just way too hard to control.

This problem does hurt the game a bit, but it’s not out for the count as the story and many other elements help to keep you wanting to play till the end. I have to say that I was very intrigued by the story and that was a great element, but also the unique feel of Kameo also truly helped keep this game interesting. The single player story mode isn’t overly long, but there is the ability to play in co-op mode. This mode works, there are no real problems with it, but only the die hard fans are really going to enjoy this experience.

In the end the gameplay of Kameo: Elements of Power does struggle at times with some of the forms of Kameo being a little less exciting than others. But let me say this. The idea behind this game was great, and the execution although not perfect was still very good. You can see Rare took their time with this game and smoothed out almost everything in this game. Although Kameo won’t knock your socks off in terms of gameplay, it still will give an entertaining and solid experience.


Visually Kameo: Elements of Power has a lot of great elements that help make this game feel more like it was made for the next generation and not the previous. One of the most amazing elements in my opinion on Kameo is the environments, which are just downright gorgeous. The game really takes advantage of some very high resolution detail in the environments and pulls in a lot of color and detail to really make these environments stand out especially on an HD set.

There are portions of Kameo that do seem as though they were passed up and never got the proper attention once the game was decided to go to the 360. These are not found all that often, but it is unfortunate to find that the developers didn’t clean up the entire game to truly make Kameo: Elements of Power a great looking launch title.

Fun Factor

When I looked back on my experience after playing Kameo, I have a feeling most people will think pretty highly on their experience, because there are a lot of fun elements to this game. First off being able to play as so many different characters in a game is a fun experience, even if some are not as great as the others. The story in the game drives it well and keeps the pace of the game at a very steady and interesting pace. If you enjoy action adventure style games, then you will find yourself really enjoying Kameo: Elements of Power, as it plays at the same pace and has a lot of strong elements.


Is Kameo: Elements of Power a game that can help lead the 360 through its first few months of existence? My simple answer to that is yes and no. This is not a ground breaking game, but at the same token it is one that I feel a lot of people will enjoy and remember as being a good solid launch title that could have been ever better. If you have any interest in this game already, then I would have to say it is definitely worth a look as it does have a lot of great things going for it that do make for a good solid experience.

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