Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition


In 2006, the Xbox 360 saw its fair amount of grade "A" games from all sorts of different genres. This really did give the console a great head start on both the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3. Well now that all consoles are out in the marketplace (although maybe not readily available), the competition has begun and we will have to see how the different consoles compete against each other. One of the Xbox 360’s big first blockbuster on the market came early on in the New Year, and it comes from Capcom. The game is Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and it is now available for your Xbox 360. Is this the start to 2007 that Microsoft wanted from Capcom? Read our full review to find out!


When Microsoft announced the Xbox 360, one of the big goals that the company had in mind was trying to do a better job with the Japanese market, which they pretty much gave up on with the original Xbox. Now although Japan hasn’t really taken on the new 360, Microsoft’s hope was that Lost Planet Extreme Condition would be a game that would help them accomplish that. So with a lot of pressure and a lot of hype many Xbox 360 owners have awaited the arrival of this game, and now that it’s here, the big question is - was it worth the wait?

We start by saying that the storyline in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is definitely not a major focal point for the game. In Lost Planet: Extreme Condition you play as Wayne, who has lost most of his memory; a very common concept in video games as of late. The story doesn’t take to many risks nor does it do a whole lot for the game. What it does do is continue to progress the game forward without making too much of a mockery of itself. The story is interesting at times, but for the most part just manages to get the job done.

Obviously the story is not the primary concern with Lost Planet, however the gameplay is really what has caught the eye of many gamers. Lost Planet combines some old gameplay ideas and wraps it up with some new technology that makes for quite an experience. From just the wide assortment of weapons to the amazing arsenal of Mech’s that you will be able to control, there is definitely a lot of weaponry in this game. And what makes the experience even more entertaining is the fact that your opponents are just as loaded as you are.

Lost Planet is a game that plays well throughout the offline portion. The game has a lot of high quality elements that give it that "next gen" action game feel. You have smart AI, combined with really well mapped out environments. Best of all, you have the boss fights, which are scattered throughout the game and provide some of the deepest action sequences the game has to offer. For those who like big challenging boss fights, Lost Planet definitely has what you’re looking for.

The offline action is perfect, however as there are some things that are left to be desired. First of all, you have some repetitive aspects to Lost Planet that do start to make some of the levels feel the same. Also you do have a good variety of weapons, however the impact of these weapons doesn’t vary as much as you would expect either. The offline experience is still extremely good and offers one of the better and unique action experiences on the Xbox 360.

On the multiplayer end of things, Lost Planet definitely has enough to make an entertaining experience, although once again it doesn’t make it to the highest level possible. The multiplayer has a few game types to choose from, all of which use the environments and the style of gameplay that Lost Planet has to offer in very nice fashion. Lost Planet is one of those titles that both online and offline gives a very solid outing. This is not what you would consider perfect, but it gives enough to warrant a high mark.


Visually this is a game that kept reminding me of the movie back in the 80’s, The Thing. Literally this whole game is surrounded by snow, and that is one of the best visual aspects of the game. Lost Planet has so much beauty in the environments that it is hard not to just sit back and enjoy what it has to offer. Lost Planet holds up well both online and offline, as the frame rate stays constant and manages to really keep the experience looking great throughout. Lost Planet has all of the makings of a good looking game.

Fun Factor

I have to say that although we were all expecting Lost Planet to be great, I was still very impressed by the final results. The game retains a sense of style that is true to what the developers wanted to make it, which makes the game feel fresh and original. This is a game that will not be for everyone, but instead for gamers who really have a desire to play a unique and interesting shooter that manages to give us Americans a few new looks at what shooters are capable of. This is not a perfect shooter, but it has enough to really make it enjoyable from start to finish.


Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is definitely a standout title at the beginning of 2007 and a great start for the Xbox 360. This is a game that manages to keep its own unique style, while still making one of the more entertaining action games on the Xbox 360. I would recommend for any fan of action games to check this game out.

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