Quake 4


The wait is now over; after all the hype, after all the anticipation, the Xbox 360 has finally released and has come out with a pretty long list of launch titles. It’s not surprising to see Sports games top the charts with the most games being released for the 360, but coming in second would have to be the first person shooter genre, which to say the least seems as though it has been doing well on the 360. Well today we are going to check out one of the most popular PC FPS series ever in Quake 4 for the Xbox 360. So does this game make you want to spend $1500 for a 360 on eBay? Read our full review to find out!


So let’s talk a little about the Quake series, which for the most part has been one of the most successful series for the PC. The game has combined extremely fast paced FPS shooting action with some very easy and yet complex environments that people have just lived and breathed over. Quake has really never had a bad outing in its history, as all of the previous Quake games have been good capable games that have gathered huge online crowds. The big question is can Quake 4 do it for the 360?

Quake games have never been known for their single player, and the reason for that is the developers have never spent much time focusing on them. This game is no different staring you in the role of Matthew Kane, who you never really learn much about. The story in the single player is pretty bland and repetitive, and the whole mission design is really nothing new from the rest of the series. Basically the level design is pretty standard Quake, so you can expect a lot of tight corridors like a Doom 3, but a little bit bigger. The whole single player mode was good, but it never tried to expand upon anything. The story has been done before many of times and in most cases better. Since the single player mode has never been the prime focus of a Quake game, and it continues to be a really non-factor in Quake 4.

The big draw for any Quake game is of course the multiplayer. What surprised me about Quake 4 was the lack of hype in my opinion that the game got. When you look at how people were really awe struck and excited about Quake 3, you never saw that same sort of excitement for Quake 4. With that being said, those who were exited about Quake 4 were probably looking forward to the multiplayer, which has had some changes to it. The game of course has the new Xbox Live support with up to eight players online. What is nice about Quake 4 is that in my opinion the game really just flows beautifully online. I very rarely discovered any sort of lag online, which is always a great thing.

Online you will find the typical sort of game types to choose from, which include the typical core modes of Deathmatch games and Capture the Flag. One of the things I was most impressed with on Xbox Live is the tournament mode, which is really fantastic and I expect to see it much more in games to come. Basically what happens is you get a bunch of people on a server and the game automatically makes a huge bracket and allows a one on one tournament. This whole idea is actually amazing and works beautifully. All the first round matches will start simultaneously and once they are done, the second round starts and so on. If you lose, you can watch the other matches, which is still fun on its own merits.

Is Quake 4 the sleeper hit for the Xbox 360? Well in my opinion this is a game that boasts a lot of good qualities, but for Quake it isn’t all that revolutionary. The game works well and while the single and multiplayer does add up to a good solid experience, it is just not one that I would consider a great game. It has all the makings and any fans of the Quake series will find the game to be pretty entertaining.


One of the great things about Quake 4 is the visuals, which use the Doom 3 engine, which perfectly shows the graphical power of the Xbox 360 console. You might find that the game at times sort of feels like Doom 3 (both use the same engine), but the developers managed to further improve on it. No longer are you as cramped as you were in Doom, but instead the visuals give some breathing room, offering up some amazing visuals with plenty of detail and once again some great lighting effects.

Quake 4 is not what I would consider a full blast into the next generation of games in terms of presentation, but at the same time the game is still a very good looking game. Quake 4 is a good looking game on its own merits and it definitely shows the potential of the Xbox 360.

Fun Factor

I have to say that Quake 4 is a fun game both online and offline, but offline I just found there to be some real missing pieces. The story in the game is really pretty lousy and never once did I ever care what was going on. I felt like the developers really needed to make the story more engrossing and try to move it away from the typical FPS storyline. The multiplayer had a lot better results in my opinion, with the tournament mode and a good deal of entertaining moments online as well. I would have liked more game modes for the multiplayer, but hopefully that is something the developers will take into consideration for the next Quake game.


Quake 4 for the Xbox 360 is a good solid FPS that does a lot better online then it does offline. With that being said, Quake 4 shows the movement toward the next generation of games. Although this isn’t a huge leap forward, both the visuals and the gameplay are good enough that FPS fans are really going to enjoy this game on their 360. Is it worth purchasing? This is one of those 8/10’s I would go rent before I would buy, just because I think some might be disappointed with the lack of modes to choose from online.

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