Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


Probably the biggest game of the first half of 2010 is still alive and kicking with DLC and of course we are talking about Red Dead Redemption. Since the games release we have seen a few different DLC packs released focusing on the multiplayer side of the house. Now for the first time we are seeing a true “expansion” of the single player experience in the latest DLC, Undead Nightmare. So does this zombie filled single player adventure continue to impress? Read our full review to find out!


To me the single player of Red Dead Redemption truly stood out in the overall experience of the game. There are very few games that I can truly remember story elements with the same vivid clarity that I had when playing RDR. So when I heard that they would be going back to that story and picking up with playing as John Marston once again trying to save his family, this time from eating each other. The story opens up with everything seeming like just a normal day and of course within a few minutes both John’s son and wife are turned into zombies and its up to you to go figure out what is going on.

For downloadble content, this is truly an epic experience. Undead Nightmare continues to use the same sort of RDR formula that you became accustomed to in the original games single player but now you have zombies to deal with. The zombies can pose a few extra problems, first you have to get head shots to kill the zombies. No matter how many shots you hit them outside of the head area they will not die. You also will find that when you get to close your chances of survival diminish even more so there is a lot of long range shooting.

What is so great about Undead Redemption is for fans of the original game you get to meet up with a ton of the characters from the original game. In some ways it’s like a trip down memory lane with zombies. The production value on everything within this DLC is also at the top of its class with amazing cut scenes, great updates to the environments to be a bit more zombie friendly, and just an overall exciting zombie experience. There is no doubt that this is not your every day DLC pack.

All in all Undead Nightmare is an amazing experience. Not only does it add an extra 5+ hours of single player content which is all fantastic it also provides some new weapons and multiplayer modes as well. Quite frankly the Gameplay is truly a remarkable experience.


Visually Rockstar has done a great job of getting the look and feel of a zombie filled experience into what was already available in the original game. The towns that you are already familiar with are going to feel like new because they are now darker and filled with zombies. Its kind of a surreal experience to see how much has changed and it’s one of those things that just feels right. Overall there are still some visual clipping issues like in the original game but nothing that majorly detracts from the experience

Fun Factor

There are areas of frustration in Undead Nightmare that can keep you from having a perfect time with the experience. First off zombies aren’t easily killed and although you get head shots that doesn’t mean they are going to die. There are also some melee weapons, which work but not perfect. However all of this is just minor blips on what otherwise is a truly solid experience.


Have I mentioned you get all of this great content for $10? What Rockstar is able to provide to fans of the series for such a low price is truly masterful. Undead Nightmare is an amazing experience that when you factor in the low price truly raises the bar over anything I have seen in terms of DLC packs in the last couple of years. Keep the zombies coming!

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