Star Trek: Legacy


Considering the immense popularity of the Star Trek franchise over the years, it is really mind boggling that there hasn’t been a stand out Star Trek game ever. There have been some memorable experiences, but nothing like what other science fiction genre’s have been able to do in the video game realm, which gives all the more reason why when I heard about Star Trek Legacy for the Xbox 360 I was hoping for something more. So does Legacy have what it takes to bring the Star Trek franchise back on the gaming map? Read our full review to find out!


Since I am sure there will be many "trekies" reading this review, I should throw out a disclaimer that I do not claim to be nor pretend that I know a whole lot about Star Trek. I have seen their major release movies, I have watched a few of the TV episodes, but outside of that I am not what you would call the everyday Star Trek fan. With that being said, going into Star Trek: Legacy for the Xbox 360 I was really hoping for the hardcore fans out there that they would be able to get that gaming experience they always dreamed about.

One of the main reasons I threw in that disclaimer, it that the story in Star Trek Legacy was very hard for me to follow. I can say that the game definitely falls in the hands of true fans of the franchise, and thus explaining it would probably do it even more of a disservice. With that being said, I should say that for those who aren’t the hardcore fans that the story is often very hard to understand, and doesn’t really bring you a whole lot of reason to care about the story. I found myself often confused about exactly my role in the game and what all of the exploring and fighting was all about.

Let’s face it though, if the gameplay is good it will make up for literally any disservices done in the story side of things and for that once again I am left scratching my head. The first mission in the games campaign mode is acting as a tutorial, and the only thing it taught me was that this game is frustrating as heck. Star Trek: Legacy really flirts with being a pure simulation game, as you feel like you are just sitting around watching your craft go from point A to B in five minutes. Now that is a bit of an exaggeration, but the wait time between giving directions and making it to the destination is tedious.

The controls in this game do give rise to their own set of problems, which range from unresponsiveness to being overly complex. The tutorial mode just gives you a brief understanding of some of the techniques to use both in traveling and fighting in space, but beyond that you are kind of on your own. The controls do become more understandable if you are patient with the game, however I have a feeling many will not.

I should also mention that Star Trek Legacy isn’t all bad, and actually has some nice touches that show the final product could have been much better. First off the scope for the game is extremely large and for those who are into Star Trek you will really get a kick out of that.

However in the end, there is just too much not going right for this game that really puts a bad taste in your mouth. The combat in the game is rather dull, the micromanagement that you have to do with repairing your craft and other rather monotonous tasks make up too much of the game. As much potential as a game can have, it is immediately hampered by the frustrating controls, shallow gameplay, and extremely difficult to understand storyline.


Visually the game doesn’t do a whole lot to impress either. All though there are a few individual items that do make the game a bit better looking as a whole. First off all the spacecrafts have the most stunning detail that I have seen throughout the game. Secondly many of the planets are extremely detailed from afar, but most of the problems come when things are either moving too much or too closed up. For example, the animation in this game bogs down when the action is going, and the environments loose a lot of their appeal when you get closer up.

Fun Factor

There could have been so many ways to make Star Trek Legacy a better game, at least until the next Star Trek game. Let’s just touch on a few things that really hamper the enjoyment of the experience. First off the story is a bit thin and at many points is extremely hard to understand. Secondly the gameplay, although pretty large in scale doesn’t have as much to offer as what first meets the eye. And finally the controls, while complex, are ultimately frustrating and ineffective.


As much as Star Trek fans wish this game could have ended up more successful than it did, Star Trek: Legacy is a flawed title that needed a lot of original ideas to really take this game where it needed to go. In the end, only hardcore Star Trek fans should even think about checking this game out, otherwise there are just better games out now to check out than this one.

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