The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band


There is no doubt that one of the biggest games to hit the market this fall is The Beatles: Rock Band the first and only music game to feature The Beatles music. There are so many different reasons for the massive amount of hype that is surrounding this game. The most obvious reason is the fact that it features The Beatles music regarded as one of the, or the best rock and roll bands of all time. So with all of the hype surrounding The Beatles: Rock Band does it deliver a game worthy of The Beatles label? Read our full review to find out!


One of the most important aspects to any music game is obviously the games song list. So first let’s go over the songs included in the game.

•    I Saw Her Standing There •    Boys •    Do You Want to Know a Secret? •    Twist and Shout •    I Wanna Be Your Man •    A Hard Day’s Night •    Can’t Buy Me Love •    Eight Days a Week •    Ticket to Ride •    Drive My Car •    I’m Looking Through You •    If I Needed Someone •    Taxman •    Yellow Submarine •    And Your Bird Can Sing •    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club/With a Little Help from My Friends •    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds •    Getting Better •    Good Morning Good Morning •    I Am the Walrus •    Hello Goodbye •    Dear Prudence •    Back in the U.S.S.R. •    While My Guitar Gently Weeps •    Birthday •    Helter Skelter •    Hey Bulldog •    Come Together •    Something •    Octopus’ Garden •    I Want You (She’s So Heavy) •    Here Comes the Sun •    Dig a Pony •    I Me Mine •    I’ve Got a Feeling •    Get Back •    Within You/Tomorrow Never Knows

The one song I would have liked to have seen in this list is Hey Jude but we have heard already that there will be downloadble content for this game. When it is all said and done you have to love the playlist that is set before us with The Beatles: Rock Band as for the most part it hits a lot of the most popular Beatles songs out there.

One of the games strongest features outside of its track list is the Story mode which is fantastic. The game has a great way to progress by yourself or in band going through the actual progression of the game by really going through the natural progression of The Beatles. You will start with the band just starting out and progress to their major performances that really helped shape The Beatles into The Beatles. The story mode is the best story mode in a music game to date and I for one was extremely impressed throughout.

The gameplay itself is going to be familiar to anyone who has played a music game, especially a Rock Band game as the mechanics have not changed much at all. This isn’t a bad thing as the tried and true tradition of music games continues to work nicely here. You do have the ability to have 3 people sing a song in perfect harmony, or as close to harmony as you may be able to muster. Harmonizing is a nice feature but its also an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. All in all this is a game that is all about featuring The Beatles music and for that it does an incredible job.


My hats go off to the guys and gals over at Harmonix who did a fantastic job of creating a game that really captures the style of The Beatles. The Beatles: Rock Band captures some of the biggest stages and biggest moments of The Beatles and does it with such a great sense of style and character that you do feel like your having a real Beatles experience. All in all I was a huge fan of the art direction that Harmonix went for in this game.

Fun Factor

The Beatles: Rock Band is no where near as technical as past music games but it doesn’t need to be. You get the feeling that Harmonix really captured the essence of what they wanted to do with this game right from its onset and it shows in the games extremely high production values. The Beatles: Rock Band has this swagger about it that you just get the feeling like your playing a truly epic music game. The music is great, the features are solid, and the experience is unparalleled. This was one of the most enjoyable music experiences I have had in a game in a long time.


We have been hearing a lot that the music genre in video games is starting to hit a decline, but The Beatles: Rock Band obviously had other ideas. The Beatles: Rock Band is not only a great game but it pushes the single artist music games to a new level not even closely matched by any other title. The Beatles: Rock Band is the real deal and if you love The Beatles you going to love this game.

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