The Godfather


I never thought I would see the day when a game developer would have the courage to create a video game based off one of the most popular movies ever made. You may know of it from some of its classic one liners, other know it as being the best trilogy of all time. The game is based off the movie The Godfather, which of course is one of the best Mafia movies ever made. When EA took up the challenge earlier in the year they had a good deal of success. So now EA is bringing the game back in an updated format onto the Xbox 360. So how does EA do taking the game to the next generation? Read our full review to find out!


For anyone who has been following the long process that has been the development of The Godfather, you would know there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the game. EA had to go through a lot of challenges, most crucially the death of Marlon Brando who actually was doing voice work for the game. The Xbox 360 version has had some extended delays, and the big question is was the 360 version worth the wait?

Throughout the review I will be making many references to the Grand Theft Auto series, mainly because The Godfather takes a lot of its ideas from this series. The game obviously takes its story from the first movie in the trilogy, where you are a new recruit (actually your mom begged for you to join the family). Here you start at the bottom and of course working your way up the Family ladder. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, you will have both story missions and then missions that help you progress outside of the main story, which tries to give you some variety to the game.

Similar to the GTA series, The Godfather manages to give you a complete open-ended style format that just allows you to roam around the maps as you please. This allows you plenty of time to work on both your fighting and gun skills. The fighting is by far my favorite aspect of the game, which uses the right analog stick to throw punches. This allows a lot of versatility when fighting your opponents and is also a lot more satisfying than button mashing. The gun play in the game is very similar to GTA, in that there is an easy lock on system that allows you to lay down your enemies in no time at all. The gun system works, and although I wish there was more skill needed to do this, I don’t see any better way to control the gun play. So in the end, the gun play was good but it may not be overly satisfying for the user like other third person shooters.

Like I mentioned there are story missions and then there are side missions, all of which can be done at your own pace. The story missions are the best part of the game, where you will be going through some of the best scenes of the movies (plus some new original scenes) and able to help partake in this action. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with these missions, as the developers made them as varied as possible ranging from stealth to pure shootouts. These missions are the most engrossing and entertaining parts of the game, and any fan of the movies is really going to enjoy playing out some of the best scenes of the first movie.

Then outside of the story missions you have a bunch of different side tasks that you can carry out, the most entertaining being having to basically extorting money from local businesses by interrogating them and "persuading" them to pay for your protection. The mechanics for this aren’t the deepest in the world, but they are very entertaining and work well enough to be enjoyable experience. You also have these "hit" missions where it is basically your job to take out who ever one of the family members needs killed. There are a lot of variations to both of these ideas which round out the side missions.

The Xbox 360 version of The Godfather is really a very good game that has some improvements from the current generation consoles but nothing that really makes it seem like an overly different experience. Is this that bad of a problem? No not really because the game translated over to the Xbox 360 nicely and makes for an extremely entertaining, well balanced gaming experience.


One of the big things in question for The Godfather on the 360 is of course the look of the game, which people were hoping to get a big overhaul. Unfortunately although things have been improved, there are some moments of the past that take you back to the same problems the previous console versions suffered from. You can see this game was not fully redone to take advantage of the 360, because there are a lot of portions of the game that just look plain bad. There are some improvements in the game with more detailed environments and some character models that are improved. In the end, the game looks good but it could have been so much better.

Fun Factor

This was my second time playing through The Godfather, and to say the least the game hasn’t changed much on its transition to the Xbox 360. With that being said, that is not a bad thing at any extent of the word, because this is still an extremely enjoyable game. Being able to just dive right into The Godfather world and play out some of the memorable scenes of the movie is simply magical. Being my second run through the game, I still found the controls to be very responsive and the combat to keep the game running, even in the later stages of the game.


In the end, The Godfather for the Xbox 360 just seems to be a rehash of what we saw on the current gen consoles with a bit better visuals. The gameplay doesn’t improve enough to make it worthwhile for gamers who have already checked out the game, to go on the 360 and take it for another run. If you haven’t yet checked the game out and own a 360, then I would highly recommend going out and checking out The Godfather as it is an extremely fun and enjoyable experience that deserves a look at.

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