Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11


In a year that has been nearly entirely negative for Tiger Woods, there have been very few brands to stick by his side. One of his few remaining endorsers is Electronic Arts which is still using his namesake on their golf video game franchise. So more then in years past there have been a lot of eyes on this franchise wondering what all of the scandal around Tiger Woods would do to the product that EA puts out. So how does Tiger perform on the virtual course this year? Read our full review to find out.


Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of Tiger Woods games and that is the Gameplay. The formula for success in this series has not changed all that much over the years, but then the question is always raised how much you can really change the sport of golf. Well one of the big changes for the hardcore Tiger Woods fan is the new true aim system which makes the game of Tiger Woods a lot more realistic to the actual game. In True Aim you loose a lot of the markers that help you navigate the course and also only get to view the course in the way a golfer would view it from where they are standing. This addition is not for the casual fan, but for those like me who have been playing the game for years this adds a level of difficulty that has not been in the series before.

The other addition which I think was a must was the focus meter. This has been done in many other games in several different genres. This is a meter that limits the amount of spin, power, or free looks at the putting surface you get. The better you play the more the meter grows. It is a nice addition as it forces you to only use those extras when needed. For me it made me really focus on the Par 3’s and 5’s and I would try and replenish the focus meter on the Par 4’s.

The big Gameplay addition in this year’s game is the Ryder Cup which EA has done a good job of hyping up for this years game. To me the only issue with playing the Ryder Cup is having to watch your competitor’s shots and even your partners. To me the game of golf in the video game realm cannot mirror that of the real sport and I felt the pace at times really dragged in the Ryder Cup. All in all though it was a good step forward for the series, especially since they don’t have the 4 Majors in the game this is kind of like the Super Bowl of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

The rest of the game both online and offline has stuck pretty true to last years experience. The game still plays extremely well and does a solid job of recreating one of the most frustrating sports around.


Visually it is hard to really grasp a big difference between this years’s game and that of last year’s game. There are some updated effects, but all in all this still looks like a solid golfing experience. The animation in the game is almost always spot on, and the courses are designed beautifully. My biggest gripe hasn’t changed  in quite a few iterations of this game is how much better Tiger Woods character model is over the rest of the field. I understand that his name is on the cover but it would be nice to have all of the players including created character match that level of detail.

Fun Factor

Although none of the additions to this years game have revolutionized this series or genre there were some really good step forwards. I for one was a big fan of both the true aim system and the focus system which made a game that for me started to feel a little easy much more of a challenge. The addition of the Ryder Cup seems like a necessary but once again welcome improvement. I think there are still some steps the developers could take to liven up the experience not only in terms of the pace of play but also in the atmosphere around the event.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is yet another solid outing for the franchise. This year did see more improvements then that of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 but still leaves a lot of room open to continue to improve. Obviously with the push for motion control I have a feeling we may be swinging our arms a little more in next years game. For those wondering if Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is worth the price of admission, I would say yes.

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