Yourself! Fitness


Before I sit down to play a game I usually bring out a nice bag of chips and a soda so I won’t have to move for a while. This routine was broken with this new game that has you throwing away the junk food, getting off the couch and getting ready to work that body. It’s a new type of game that’s all about getting yourself back in shape. It’s called Yourself! Fitness and it’s for the Xbox! So does it get the job done? Read our review to find out.


We have seen more and more games doing their best to make games that are not only fun but also help you to get your exercise. Games like Dance Dance Revolution and Sony’s Eye Toy are good examples of games that make it fun to work out in front of your TV screen. Now responDESIGN has come out with a game that’s not really a game instead it is more like a workout DVD with a personalized trainer.

The concept behind Yourself! Fitness really makes sense when you think about it. The stereotypical gamer is usually overweight and doesn’t get the necessary fitness to stay healthy. So why not make a game for the machine they spend most of their days on and make an interesting physical experience that will help them lose weight and stay in shape.

You will meet your personal trainer Maya right from the get go and this is something I think the developers did a great job in creating. What is nice about Maya is that although you can see that she is a computer-generated character, she just seems very soothing and very calm. She really helps make the whole working out seem a lot more enjoyable then normal.

The game starts with you either skipping all the customization options and just picking a workout, or you putting in your physical stats. The game asks for your height, weight, age and gender to better realize what exactly they are working with. But if you do feel like you just want to skip everything and move onto your own sort of workout. The game gives you the options of what type of workout, what environment you want to do the workout in and what type of music to go along with it.

If you decide to go along with the normal mode of the game then you will have to go through a few stages before you can actually get to the real workout. First you will have to measure your pulse, do some jumping jacks and then a few more basic exercises like pushups and crunches. Once this is done the program asks you what your focus is. This includes weight loss, cardio, upper body strength, core strength, lower body strength, or flexibility. So really the game does a nice job of attempting to cover all the basis of helping you work on whatever you feel like you need the most work on.

When it’s all said and done, the game sets out to make you motivated and willing to exercise. And for the most part I think the developers did an excellent job of keeping up their promise. Although I do think they have plenty room for improvement, like more variety of exercises and more customization would have been nice, the game still is quite impressive. Although it may not make you want to go run a marathon the game does give you an interesting workout experience that won’t be as dreadful as it may seem.


Graphically the game is quite sound from front to back. Maya is very nicely generated and looks very realistic. The one major downside to the game is the lack of environments you can put Maya in. You don’t get a whole lot of options to choose from just a few environments that look about the same. The animation in the game is quite impressive, and the look of Maya is one that really helps the authenticity of the game in my eyes.

Overall I would have to say that the developers did a great job with Maya and a lousy job with everything else. I would have loved to see more customization in the game, but maybe there are some useful hints for a sequel!

Fun Factor

When has exercising ever been fun? With that being said the developers did an amazing job of making an experience that was different and enjoyable. Although the game isn’t going to really give you that whole "fun" feeling that you get when playing games. Yourself! Fitness does do enough to make you want to exercise and not hate it during the process. And I think that’s exactly what the game was set out to do.


If your one who really needs the exercise but not the fun of going in the direct sunlight then you should definitely think about picking up Yourself! Fitness, as it combines some great workout experiences in an enjoyable manner.

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