Zen Pinball 2: Ant-Man

It's no secret that Marvel has taken the world by storm. It should be to no ones surprise that Marvel has been spreading its brand around too all spectrums. Toys and general merchandise are easy to do but stretching into different mediums of entertainments is more difficult.

Zen Pinball 2 is a very easy way to get your brand out into a different demographic. It features very reasonably priced DLC that adds new tables to your pinball experience. Obviously pinball is not this great fleshed out gaming adventure that many fans would like to see their favorite comic book characters go through. It does add another experience to be had; however short it may be.

The addition of  the Ant-Man table does not change this formula. If you haven’t seen the movie this content does not ruin anything. No crucial story elements are given away and you probably wouldn’t even notice them if they were. One thing you will notice is the little movements that are directly related to the movie. Rewards for hitting certain objects trigger things that fans of the film may appreciate. There is a blue sphere on the right side of the table that can be used to trigger a multi-ball sequence if it is hit enough. There is a ramp that moves throughout your experience. There are all sorts of spots to trigger huge bonuses that will get your score soaring.

The gameplay is fluid and polished. The music is fun and it reminds you of playing pinball at an arcade. Zen Pinball 2 is the best feeling pinball video game I have played. If you enjoy the feel of the game then I think this table is worth picking up. It's fun and features enough hidden spots to make it worth replaying. As you figure it out you will find yourself spending more and more time trying to hit all of the secret spots on table. I would recommend this content to any fans of pinball or Ant-Man.