Antec Sonata III Review

Antec Sonata III Review


The world of enclosures has changed immensely since I first started in the industry, back then most of the cases were beige bricks with very little style or life to them. Now we are looking at an era where everyone wants custom, something to suit there fancy and Antec has been one of the leaders in listening to there buyers and producing some great products. Here today I had the privilege to check out the Antec Sonata III coming from the extremely beloved Sonata lineup from Antec. This being third official installment it always makes you wonder could the third one be the charm? Read our full review of the Antec Sonata III to find out!


  • Improved overall air intake for better and quieter cooling
  • EarthWatts 500 Watt power supply (80 PLUS® certified)
  • Front mounted USB, eSATA, HDA & AC’97 Audio In/Out ports
  • 9 Drive Bays:
    • 3 x 5.25" external drive bays
    • 2 x 3.5" external drive bays
    • 4 x 3.5" internal drive bays in individual trays with silicone grommets to absorb hard drive vibrations
  • Metal double hinge allows the door to open up to 225º
  • Cooling System:
    • 1 rear 120mm Tricool fan (standard) with 3-speed control to balance quiet with cooling
    • 1 front 120mm case fan (optional)
    • Built-in washable air filter keeps harmful dust out of your case
    • 0.8mm cold rolled steel for durability
    • Motherboards up to Standard ATX
    • Dimensions: 16.7" (H) x 18.2" (D) x 8.1" (W)
    • 42,5cm (H) x 46.3cm (D) x 20.6 cm (W)
    • Net Weight: 20.2lbs / 9,1kg
    • Gross Weight: 25.5lbs / 11.6kg
  • Design

    Almost as much as the actual form factor and usability of a case, the actual design plays a significant impact on the usefulness and the appeal of a case. I currently use the Antec Solo for one of my home PC’’s which is part of the Sonata family and one of things I loved about it was the pure black finish that really showed the sense of style and sophistication. But then came the Antec Sonata III which quite frankly blew my Solo out of the sky. The shear beauty of this case is more then I personally expected from the third official Sonata with one of the strongest black finishes I have seen on a case. Of course with that black finish similar to my Solo you have to worry about dust collection because if your not careful the case will become one big dust ball and thus there is some maintenance that is needed when using the Sonata III.

    One of the nice things that Antec has a tendency to do is make nice accents along the case that throw it off from just being one big giant color. For the Sonata III there is a nice chrome accent along the front that really gives an extra sense of style. With the chrome accent comes a few nice front side ports that make for easy access to USB and audio ports. All in all the design of the Sonata III is sleek and sophisticated, and although I have said this before Antec definitely knows how to make there cases and the design of this case does not disappoint at all.


    Testing out a case doesn’’t have a ton of of stages involved, you first check out the case, all of the different features and aspects of the case, you then install your components and look at the install process on the case and then you wrap it all up by discussing how using the case works in day to day use. Starting off with the features of the Sonata III it comes along with a 500w power supply that is actually a big addition to the case, normally I am not a big fan of included PSU’’s normally because they are the bottom of the barrel but not in the case of the Sonata III which comes with a very good and powerful PSU that from my testing has everything you would want from a good standard PSU. Some of the other things I would like to mention looking around the case includes a nice little dust filter that allows you to keep your insides of the case cleaner and is easily removable and very easy to wash off. Getting into the case is also pretty easy with a nice latch on the side of the case that allows you to get in and out with relative ease.

    Installation into the Antec Sonata III is pretty standard and for anyone who has installed a computer using an Antec case knows that there isn’’t a lot that Antec does in terms of trying to innovate new techniques for installing hardware but instead just tries to give a lot of room to work and to make easy installation with is what you get with the Antec Sonata III. The only issue I had with the Sonata is the installation of your disk drives which for some reason they just don’’t seem to want to make easy but instead keep things rather complicated and for first time installers you might have some complications. There have just been so many other case manufactures who have created easier methods to install these drives, nevertheless I digress.

    Once everything is put in and your system is all setup your use of the Sonata III is actually very good and manages to keep rather quiet during use. I also noticed that the included cooling on the Sonata III is actually quite good something that Antec has been great at in the past and continues to excel in here with the Sonata III.

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