Logitech Driving Force GT

Logitech Driving Force GT


Racing wheels have been trying to make their mark on the video game industry for a long, long time. I can remember reviewing some of my first racing wheels when the Playstation 2 had just been released, and wow have we seen progress since then. Logitech has been one of the leaders in racing wheels for years now, and has released a top of the line wheel for the PS3 in the Logitech Driving Force GT. The big question now is, does the Logitech Driving Force GT offer enough of an impact on your racing experience to make it worth the purchase? Read our full review to find out!


  • 24-position realtime adjustment dial: Fine-tune brake bias, traction control system (TCS), and other settings on the fly for unprecedented control over your car’s performance.
  • 900-degree wheel rotation: Go 2.5 times around lock to lock, just as you would behind the wheel of many real cars.
  • Force feedback technology: Feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience.
  • Gas and brake pedals: Get precise throttle and brake response with true-to-life pedals.
  • Sequential stick shift: Go through the gears for the ultimate in control.
  • Rubber-overmold rim: Enjoy a comfortable grip during intense races.
  • Solid, one-piece wheel construction: Drive with confidence knowing this rigid, sturdy wheel won’t squeak or flex during aggressive maneuvers.
  • Custom tuned for popular games: See and feel every bit of wheel movement reflected in-game, without dead zones or lag.
  • Ultra-precise optical encoding: Experience reliable and accurate handling race after race after race.


With racing wheels there are a few substantial design differences between the top of the line racing wheels and the cheap imitations. The first area is the wheel itself, you can always tell right out of the box how light and how much plastic you feel. If a wheel feels completely like plastic then chances are using it won’t feel as authentic either. The other noticeable differences are in the pedals which once again can be analyzed rather quickly.

My initial impressions with the Logitech Driving Force GT was a very high quality racing wheel. Having not ever used or tried the Logitech G25 offering, I can’t compare the two, but given using this wheel for quite an extended period of time I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the make of both the pedals and the wheel. Sure the pedals aren’t metal, but they have a nice feel to them, and the wheel really feels solid from top to bottom especially given its 900 degrees of rotation. More then anything the outward appearance of the racing wheel is fantastic, from a far it looks beautiful, and even up close there is a nice just look and feel to the wheel that Logitech has gotten great at over the years.

Logitech Driving Force GT Review
Logitech Driving Force GT Review


After a few weeks of using the Logitech Driving Force GT mainly for playing Gran Turismo: Prologue which is really the hands down best game to test a racing wheel on right now on the Playstation 3, that is of course until Sony releases Gran Turismo 5. So let me just get one thing out right away, and that is after a few races, my times in Prologue improved tremendously over what they were with the standard Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 controller. It did take me a few races to get used to the new hardware, but following the acclamation with the hardware I can honestly say it really took my racing experience to the next level.

Let’s talk about using the wheel for a bit, the comfort of the wheel feels great, and more importantly using the wheel for big turns actually feels smooth. In the past I have had problems with these types of units because you felt to much tug when you turned, this wheel has a real smooth feel to it that makes the racing feel quite realistic. Not to mention the pedals are responsive to the point where after a few races you will just have a great feel for the cars your driving and for the new found controls.

I am not always the biggest racing fan, in fact outside of the Gran Turismo series I don’t really find a lot to love about racing games. However when you use the Logitech Drive Force GT along side a GT5 Prologue it is like your playing a new game. The immersion that is felt when using this wheel is quite incredible. Sure I would have liked it a bit more if it was wireless, but you can see instead of making it wireless they worked on making it a solid unit and for that Logitech succeeded.


Whether you wait for GT5 to release or are ready to hone your skills with the racing wheel on GT 5 Prologue I would highly recommend this wheel. I think given its medium price range that it should appeal to hardcore and casual fans alike who are looking to take their racing experience to the next level which is exactly what the Logitech Driving Force GT does.

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