H2O Audio Headphones Review

H2O Audio Headphones Review


Now I cannot say I had never thought about really taking my iPod into the ocean, or even into the pool in my backyard. It wasn’t until I heard about H2O Audio who started creating products that were literally made for the water. Today we are actually checking out a pair of H2O Audio Headphones which go with the Otterbox for iPod Video (reviewed earlier) to make for a audio proof experience. So how do the headphones work and do they really work in the water? Read our full review to find out!


  • Waterproof headphones for the H2O Audio Series
  • Submersible up to 10ft/3m (when paired with H2O Audio Series Housings)
  • Waterproof speakers designed for complete submersion
  • Durable neckwrap keeps headphones in place during active watersports
  • Adjustable design for individual comfort
  • Coiled cable eliminates tangles
  • Silicone earplugs included
  • Compatible with standard 3.5mm audio jacks


From a design standpoint; the design of headphones are either the key to success or failure, because it is here that you will either have the initial feel for the headphones. To me the H2O Headphones were not as comfortable as I would have liked them to be. There was no real padding or comfort for your ear, as these are the rap around style earphone that has been popular for years now. Don’t get me wrong they are not horrific by any stretch but I found the design to be one that doesn’t stay comfortable for longer periods of time. The color choice seems pretty obvious as the off white has been extremely popular for quite a long time now and will go perfect with everyone’s iPod. Testing

So lets get into the testing portion of the review in which I gave these headphones a try using the Otterbox for iPod Video to compliment the package. I can’t say I am Mr. Aquatic but I do enjoy the occasional swim in the pool and beach so I tried these headphones out in both locations and found that they actually held up pretty nicely. I was a bit nervous taking electronics into the water at first but once the immediate fear was subsided using the headphones was a very nice experience.

Like I mentioned in the design portion of the review the comfort level of the headphones are not what I would consider top of the line. In fact I found myself really wanting some more padding and comfort for your ears as long time spent with the headphones does make it a bit uncomfortable.

To me the sound quality was right on par with other headphones of the same price range. I can’t say that the headphones provided amazing sound quality but then again your buying these headphones more for the “waterproof” feature rather then for sound quality.


To me the H2O Audio Headphones are created for a very specific group of people in mind and it are the water lovers out there that are going to absolutely dig these headphones. To me they were very good at what they wanted to do which is, work in water but outside of that they really are just a standard pair of over the ear headphones that work very nicely.

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