Logitech Cordless Media Board for PS3 Review

Logitech Cordless Media Board for PS3 Review


Anytime a new console is released there are several companies who are bound to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to get some accessories out for the consoles that become must buys when you buy the console. Logitech is one of the prime examples of a company that tends to make a lot of high quality accessories for consoles in hope to gain its own market from its peripherals. Like for example today we are checking out the Logitech Cordless Media Board specifically made for the Playstation 3, which hopes to take the days of having to try to work your way through Sony’’s text entry system and to be able to use a full fledged wireless keyboard. Does Logitech have a product that every PS3 owner should buy? Read our full review to find out!


  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology: Use your Logitech Cordless MediaBoard from up to 30 feet (10 meters) away from the PLAYSTATION 3.
  • Integrated touchpad with vertical scrolling: Eliminates the need for a mouse; perfect for living room use.
  • A real keyboard for your PLAYSTATION 3: Enter text, type messages, and manage your user profiles more quickly and efficiently.
  • Slim, stylish design: Lightweight body and thin profile make the MediaBoard easy to handle, use, and store.


The design of the Logitech Cordless Media Board is a pretty standard Media keyboard. When I say Media I am referring to the fact that this probably won’’t be used at a desk setting so therefore it is very light in weight and very aerodynamic in shape. The Logitech Cordless Media Board definitely has a nice feel to its design and like many other Logitech products definitely has that stylish feel. One of the key features to the design aspect of the Media Board is the built in mouse pad that’s on the keyboard. This comes in real handy, as we will discuss later, and in general really manages to be very efficient. Overall the design doesn’’t go above and beyond anyone’s expectations but like most Logitech products I am a big fan of the general design qualities of this keyboard.


Many will say that there is no need for a keyboard on a console, but in this day and age with everyone wanting to stay connected it is no wonder that most consoles and even hand held devices are allowing you to go online. The pure appeal of having the Logitech Cordless Media Board is to first off stay connected with your friends, and also to be able to go online using your PS3. To me I actually love doing this, I am a big “surfer”, like with the TV, and I just like to see where the Internet will take me at times. This keyboard is at this current point in time the only Sony backed keyboard that works with the PS3.

Being that the PS3 does have a lot of Blue Tooth technology built in box, some may be surprised as to why the Media Board is using RF technology and not blue-tooth. I don’’t know the full answer to that however it doesn’’t seem in this case that the difference is that extensive. The range of the keyboard will work from my experience in any living room setup. The 30ft. range should be plenty for anyone who wants to lie back on there couch and surf the Internet on there big screen.

There are however a few shortcomings on the keyboard, mainly features that I just feel the keyboard is missing. First off browsing on the PS3 is not perfect yet and the fact that the Media Board has no PS3 controls in that its just a keyboard and you still will need your PS3 controller by your side for many of the different menu switches and to surf the web to the full extent and this is kind of a pain. It would have been great to have at least the PS3 face buttons on the keyboard so you could fully navigate the PS3 menu system. The constant switching of the two can be a hassle and definitely makes using it a bit less enjoyable.


All in all, the keyboard itself is lightweight, it’s easy on the eyes, and it does everything you would want a media board to do. In terms of what you would want a PS3 Media Board to do it is lacking a bit and that’s really unfortunate. The final opinion on the keyboard is that it is a really great piece of hardware; however just know there are some shortcomings that you have to come to peace with to fully enjoy this keyboard.

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