Logitech VX Revolution Review

Logitech VX Revolution Review


When the notebook industry really began to take off quite a few years ago one of the growing complaints about using a notebook was having to use the touch pad. I think even to this day many people stick with desktop computers just to make sure that they have a full fledged mouse and keyboard ready at there disposal. However to meet that need and allow you to use notebooks many of the top peripheral makers have been coming out with wireless notebook mice to try and increase the ease of using a notebook. Today we are looking at Logitech’s next step in this direction with the VX Revolution which hopes to make it to a notebook near you. Does this laptop mouse have the form factor to make it worthwhile? Read our full review to find out!


  • Hyper-fast Scrolling: Fly through long documents with the MicroGear Precision scroll wheel.
  • Touch to Search: Enjoy one-click access to your favorite search engine—instantly search your computer, network, and across the Web.
  • Natural Position: Enjoy exceptional comfort with a sculpted, ergonomic design.
  • Feel at Ease: Get a grip with textured rubber sides.
  • Convenient Controls: Do more with the mouse; make less visits to the keyboard.
  • Advanced Laser Engine: Experience extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surfaces.
  • Click-to-Click Scrolling: Increase productivity with click-to-click navigation of lists, slides, and image collections.
  • High-Resolution Zoom: Effortlessly zoom in and out of photos, spreadsheets and documents.
  • Storable Micro-Receiver: Stores inside the mouse for easy transport.
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless: Delivers reliable operation in busy wireless environments.
  • Battery Level Meter: 4-stage indicator provides plenty of warning. Get up to 4 months from a single AA.


If you have read my reviews in the past you would know that I am a big fan of the progressive design features that Logitech continues to work into many of there products. Logitech is never shy about bright colors, or high flying products and continues this trend with the Logitech VX Revolution. Having used notebook mice in the past I have to say that many of them including even some from Logitech have been far to small, the goal however to be ultra compact and easy to store and go. The VX Revolution goes a bit bigger in size making it a bit bulkier to carry but at the same time giving many more extremely positive design implications.

As a whole the design is still rather compact, you can see that by the thumb groove which is quite a bit shorter then on most full size mice, and the size of the mouse in general fits more distinctly in your hand. The color choices weren’t to out of the ordinary with the VX Revolution it has a solid silver and black polish that suit the mouse really well. I have to say that once again Logitech impressed me by the overwhelming sophistication of this product in terms of design, it doesn’t shy away from being bold and a bit on the flashy side.


Logitech has really gone to the next level with these latest Mice, which is why they call them the revolution series. There are three big features on the VX Revolution, the battery life, the new Precision Scroll Wheel, and the one touch search. These three features are to me the big new features that I found most useful when playing with the VX Revolution.

Let’s start with the new Precision scroll wheel which has two modes of play either the click version which allows you to feel each page you move down or the free fly mode. To me I for the most part got accustomed to the free flying wheel especially when reading big documents. What was really nice about this feature was that if you wanted to go back to a different way of scrolling either the click method or free fly you can just hit a small switch at the bottom of the mouse and that does the trick. The inclusion of both methods of scrolling not only gives a great feel to the mouse but also really allows customization to your experience.

Secondly is the battery life, which really doesn’t take that much explanation other then to say for a medium sized mouse the battery life on the mouse is great. For me the included battery lasted me through the entire month I have had the mouse and is still working right now. I am not going to sit here and wait until it dies out but the fact that it has lasted this long really does impress me, and works perfect for someone on the road who doesn’t want to have to worry about batteries.

And finally I really found the one touch search button on the VX Revolution to be an extremely handy and useful feature that I found myself using more then I expected. Right under the scroll wheel is a small button that allows you to search anything you highlight. So lets say you highlight my name Joel Szerlip, and then click the one search button it will take it to the search engine that you defined and search my name. Its actually a really nifty feature that I found myself using quite a bit.

Outside of those big three features there is the fact that this is a wireless notebook mouse, something we take for granted these days. The wireless signal is fantastic and I never found any signal interference or dropping problems. When your done using the wireless receiver which plugs in via USB, you can store the receiver inside the VX Revolution something we have seen in previous Logitech Notebook mice and continues to help portability.


My biggest issue with the VX Revolution is not the features, but the mouse itself. In terms of being a notebook mouse I am not even sure if you can call it that. It literally may only be slightly smaller then the average desktop mouse, and in general doesn’t seem as portable as you would expect from a notebook mouse. However in terms of just being a mouse it is actually fantastic, the features are great, the battery life is tremendous, and the new scroll wheel works beautifully.

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