Luminoodle Bias Lighting Review

Luminoodle Bias Lighting Review

Last year I made the upgrade from a six-year-old HD LCD to a 4K LED TV. I went with a 65” Samsung KS8000 that I’ve loved quite a bit. I, of course, wish there was more 4K content out there but when I have it, the set looks great. In the last couple of weeks, I was asked if I wanted to review the Luminoodle Bias Lighting, backlighting that you put on your TV to help with eye strain. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and am here to tell you what I think.


  • EASY TO USE: Add beautiful ambient lighting to your TV in a matter of minutes. The Luminoodle LED strip has 3M adhesive backing and comes in 3 lengths that can provide TV lighting for a wide variety of screen sizes.
  • USB-POWERED: The built-in reversible USB is easy to plug in and allows the backlight to power on and off with your TV's USB port! Power Requirements: 5V, 1A
  • PROVIDES BENEFITS WITH NEARLY ANY TV: Practical solution that provides benefits with most sizes of TVs & monitors.
  • REDUCES EYE STRAIN: Improves contrast ratio through balanced white TV accent lighting and reduces eye strain caused by changes in picture brightness from scene to scene in games, shows and movies.
  • LONG-LIFE LEDS: High quality true-white (6000 Kelvin) LED's that provide 250 lumens of great looking bias lighting. Rated for 50,000 hours of lighting.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a 1 year warranty with friendly, easy to access customer support.


I’m not what you'd call handy. I usually hire people to help out with installations of anything more in depth than a lightbulb. I was a little nervous setting out to put lights on my still very new 4K TV. Luckily, the Luminoodle Bias Lighting is as easy as it comes with installation. The Luminoodle Bias Lighting plugs into a USB port which, thankfully, sits right inside the back of my TV, perfectly situated to plug in and begin wrapping the lighting around the sides and top. The backside of the lighting is wrapped with an adhesive that strongly adheres it to your TV. I got the large pack which fit perfectly along my 65” TV, wrapping all the way around with nothing left over.

After that, I turned my TV on and, low and behold, I had backlighting. Depending on how your TV handles USB, the lights should go on and off when your TV does. For some reason, on my particular set, the USB stays powered for about 20-30 seconds after the TV is turned off. Not a big deal, but there are other TV’s that I’ve had in the past that the USB port would always be powered on, so it's something to consider if you’re looking to buy these lights.


I use my TV quite a bit, both for playing games and watching a lot of movies/shows. During the day, the Luminoodle Bias Lighting is almost unnoticeable in my extremely bright apartment. There is just a soft glow around the TV that softens up the picture ever so slightly. Where the lights become far more noticeable is at night, when the lights create a nice glowing outline around the TV, leading to a softening of the colors on the screen.

What I will say is that I did not notice a significant impact in my eye strain with or without the lights. I’m not sure if I've just been staring at screens for so long that I don’t notice it anymore, but for me, the benefit of reducing eye strain was not realized. However, just from a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love the look of the backlights on the TV. It provides just that small extra wow factor. I’ve had friends come over and ask me what TV I have who’ve actually seen my TV before, but with the backlights, it adds just that little extra oomph.


After a couple of weeks of use, I can say that I didn’t see much of an eye strain benefit. But for $20, I will say that I think the upgraded look that the lights have given my new 4K TV is actually really impressive. If you would have asked me before I would have told you I thought something like this would look too gimmicky. But now after a couple of weeks, I don’t see me taking these lights off anytime soon.

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