Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Review

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Review


There has been a big explosion in the area of keyboards with the emergence of gaming specific keyboards which have really expanded over the past couple of years and made a true market for themselves. Microsoft really for the most part has stayed away from prospect of a gaming keyboard and left competitors like Logitech take the market by storm. Well Microsoft has now teamed up with Razer one of the leaders in gaming peripherals to bring the Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard to the market to try and get Microsoft there foot in the door. So how does Microsoft’’s first attempt with the gaming keyboard turn out?


  • Blue LED Backlighting: Ambient backlit keys allow gaming in low-or no-light conditions.
  • Razer Hyperesponse Gaming Key Action: Reduces key latency for maximized response.
  • Two 360-Degree Jog-Dials: One on each side of the keyboard for quick access during gameplay.
  • Four Bumper Buttons: Programmable buttons that enable easy access to common keyboard commands.
  • Six Programmable Gaming Hot Keys: Create and store different macros and keystrokes for each game profile – gamers can combine several moves with the touch of one key.
  • On-The-Fly Profile Management: Users can create and store Key Mapping and Macros for each game profile; keyboard software also automatically assigns different game profiles for supported games.: Detachable Padded Wrist Rest: Ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort.
  • Gold-plated USB Ports: Provides additional peripherals plug-in access with maximum conductivity.


There are not many times that I am not impressed by the initial impressions on a gaming keyboard, but with the Microsoft Reclusa they chose not to go with a flamboyant flashy approach but instead with a much darker tone of black that fills the entire keyboard outside of some gray accents. The keyboard also goes into a much rounder view of a gaming keyboard once again very different from the rest of the market. In general however this is a nice approach and will work for an office environment who may get a few games put in after hours. The design really wouldn’’t stand out as a gaming keyboard if it wasn’’t for the blue back lights that shine beautifully in a darker environment. We have seen a back light on several gaming keyboards before but this one has a very smooth feel to it that hasn’’t been replicated by other keyboards before.

One of the other design features that struck me was the wrist rest which has a good deal of comfort and just a very ergonomic design that gives some very nice comfort. The round style for the keyboard does give a nice feel to the design as it just gives a different look on the keyboard but in general the design is just good not great.


In general there are only a few ways to look at a gaming keyboard for gaming and for daily use. Lets go through the daily use of the Reclusa Gaming Keyboard because we all know although we build gorgeous gaming machines there is still a good chance we will be surfing the web or checking our e-mail on the machine. So the general use of the Reclusa is actually pretty impressive as we all know Microsoft has been successful with this market in the past and the feel of the keyboard for typing is actually smooth. The keys are on the softer side and for me I find that style of key to be extremely comfortable for writing up documents like this review.

But lets get into the gaming side of things which is the main purpose of this keyboard which is where we will start by talking about the software that is bundled with the keyboard. The software is extremely simplistic and just allows you to customize the functions of the keys for gaming. You can also customize the extra keys on the keyboard for gaming use which can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. The customization options are pretty extensive, I have seen more options in other software, but in my opinion there is enough in this software that 99% of gamers.

On the gaming side of things the Reclusa is just a pretty standard form of a gaming keyboard with no new bells or whistles. As I have said a few times in this review the Reclusa is a rather standard gaming keyboard that doesn’’t try to become anything more then a gaming keyboard. From my experiences with the unit I have to say that the response time was impressive and you could fee a lot of the Razer style edge coming in this unit. The response time of the keyboard is actually one of the more positive aspects of the keyboard as it seems extremely consistent and very accurate.


In general this is a good gaming keyboard that needs some better design techniques and some more spunk to get it to the next level, however for the price still makes it a good buy.

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