Plantronics RIG 400LX Gaming Headset Review

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to review the Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Headset, which is easily one of the best gaming headsets on the market today. I simply adored it and recommend it to anyone looking for a wireless headset. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the wired (and less expensive) Plantronics RIG 400LX Gaming Headset. Does it follow its bigger brother or is this a departure for Plantronics? Let’s discuss.


  • DOLBY ATMOS for Headphones AUDIO: Xbox One headset with Dolby Atmos for Headphones is equipped with premium Dolby Atmos Audio that pulls you into the game with moving audio that sweeps all around and above you. Dolby Atmos® requires an Xbox One or Windows 10 compatible device and a Microsoft account and login (prepaid activation code included for Xbox One and Windows 10, activation for one device only)
  • EASY CONTROLS: Directly adjust master volume and game/chat balance on your LX1 adapter gaming headset with the three EQ settings and dual-wheel analog controls and three EQ settings
  • SUPERIOR SOUND: 40 mm, high-sensitivity drivers deliver crisp, powerful sound that puts you right in the middle of the action, plus a removable noise-canceling Xbox mic lets team members hear your game calls clearly, and easily detaches for solo sessions
  • MULTI-CONSOLE COMPATIBILITY: The 3.5 mm cable is compatible with PCs, Xbox One controllers, PS4 controllers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Lightweight, flexible, and durable headset frame fits comfortably during long game sessions, while sound-isolating earcups with memory foam block out noise and keep you focused


If you’ve read any of my headset reviews, you'll know that I have a tendency to prefer headsets with subtle design aesthetics. Plantronics continues to nail build/design with the 400LX. It’s a very subtle but beautifully designed headset. The color scheme is black and silver and won’t yell at anyone that you’re about to play a video game for hours on end. Also similar to the 800LX, there’s plenty of padding on the ear cups and the headband.

The 400LX is designed for the Xbox One, but it really works with any console or PC. The headset comes with an Xbox One adapter that clips perfectly onto the bottom of an Xbox One controller. The 400LX has a 3.5mm cable connected to it that plugs into the adapter or a standard 3.5mm port. I will say that one of my design gripes wasn't the headset itself but the Xbox One adapter. It has a volume wheel which worked perfect, but the mute button didn’t always seem to work when I hit it. I tried it out on multiple Xbox One controllers and the problem repeated. It didn't happen all the time, but every eighth time or so it wouldn’t do anything.


As with any headset, I tested Plantronics 400LX with a bunch of different games, including Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Forza 7, Call of Duty WWII, FIFA 18, and Far Cry 5. That's plenty of games to really put the headset through its paces. Setup with the 400LX is as simple as plugging the Xbox One adapter in and plugging the 3.5mm cord into the bottom of the adapter. The headset supports Dolby Atmos (included in the box) so if you have that installed, like I do, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

Given the $100 price tag of the 400LX, I think it performs pretty well. For a mid-level sound, the headset does a good job of recreating it. In a game like Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you can hear a lot of the surrounding detail that might not come out of your TV or a lesser headset. By far the best feature of the 400LX is the noise cancellation. For the price, it's one of the better headsets I’ve tested at blocking out outside noise. Part of that is the construction of the earpieces and the solid audio drivers that pump out a good engrossing sound.

My one negative with the 400LX is the bass which is a bit weak. With a game like Call of Duty: WWII, the explosions become quite distorted at higher volumes. The audio tends to get a little distorted and muffled, requiring me to keep the volumes towards the middle of the dial to keep the sound quality at a reasonable level. In that sweet spot, though, there’s just enough bass to give a little extra pump to some of the more audio-intensive moments. I did also try the headset with and without Dolby Atmos enabled and the additional quality you get with the Dolby Atmos is quite substantial.


For $100, the Plantronics RIG 400LX is a really good headset. It doesn’t hit the same highs as the 800LX but you’re also cutting the price tag in half. If you’re looking for a solid wired headset for your Xbox One gaming and don’t mind plunking down a couple extra bucks for Dolby Atmos, then the 400LX is a great option. Just don’t expect it to compete with the higher-end headsets on the market right now.  

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