Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset Review

I have something of a fascination with gaming headsets. I’ve lived in an apartment or attached townhouse for the last decade, and the idea of having a giant surround sound system just hasn’t been practical. I’ve been searching for a headset to use for the majority of my gaming, and as part of that search, I'm reviewing the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset, one of Turtle Beach’s latest forays into the high-end gaming headset market.


  • ComforTec Fit System – Experience another level of comfort with this revolutionary, adjustable fit system
  • Aerofit Ear Cushions – Revolutionary materials block outside sounds and keep your ears cool for distraction-free play.
  • ProSpecs Glasses Relief System – Comfortably wear both your glasses AND headset thanks to our patented, pressure-relieving technology
  • Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology - Be heard loud and clear with this professional quality mic
  • 50mm Nanoclear Speakers – Immerse yourself in the game and hear your teammates clearly, thanks to our signature eSports tuning
  • Circuit Pro Cable System - Quickly connect the Elite Pro headset to all Elite Pro accessories with one universal connection


The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset retails for $199 which means along with top quality sound, I’m looking for a truly stellar design. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I adore the Elite Pro headset. It’s a stunning piece of hardware. The first thing you notice on the Elite Pro is sliders on the top headband which allows you to slide an adjustment bar to get the right tension on the headband. I like a headset that stays snug on my head and this adjustment band is a great feature. There are also sliders on the side of the headset allowing you to adjust the height of the headset. Although these may not sound like major features they have a significant impact on the comfort of the headset.

Speaking of comfort, and I don’t say this as hyperbole, but this may very well be the most comfortable headset I’ve ever reviewed. More times than not, I forgot I was wearing a giant headset. Part of that is the number of adjustments available, the other is the incredible ear cushions. They have a nice leather feel to them which makes them feel nice and cool when you put them on. I won’t say that I never got sweaty when wearing the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset, but it rarely happened. The amount of padding and soft comfort in the memory foam ear cushions is unparalleled.

The entire design is well thought out, and uncompromising. I love the simple black design with small streaks of orange. It’s simple and elegant. The materials that are used to construct the Elite Pro are sturdy and durable. They feel polished in a way that a headset of this price should.


I’ve spent the last three weeks or so testing out the Elite Pro headset both with console and PC games. In terms of just straight audio quality, I was insanely impressed with the Elite Pro headset. I played all sorts of different games and was dazzled with how well the Elite Pro handled the biggest of explosions to smaller more subdued moments beautifully. This is a stereo headset, and although I wish it simulated surround sound, it is immersive without. The ear cushions do a great job of blocking out a lot of ambient noise, helping you focus on the game at hand.

The biggest downfall for the Elite Pro is the microphone. It easily attaches to the side of the headset, but in terms of quality, it is really lacking. I tested it with a couple friends and they couldn’t tell the difference between this headset and the free ones supplied with the Xbox One and Playstation 4. You can go ahead and replace the included microphone with a better one from Turtle Beach but for the $199 price point, I was hoping for something equal to the investment.


For me, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset is the most comfortable gaming headset I’ve ever worn. It’s got so much support and padding along with plenty of adjustable features to make sure it fits just right for your head. There were a couple of things I would have liked to seen improved, especially the microphone which is pretty terrible. But if you’re not planning to do much online gaming and are just looking for a great gaming headset, I really do love the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset.

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