Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Wireless Headset Review

I’m amazed at the breadth of options for gaming headphones. Think about it this way. Outside of PC gaming, we’ve only had a market for gaming headphones for the last ten years or so. Now we’ve got more options then we know what to do with and as a consumer, it can be hard to choose which headset is right for you. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing out one of the leaders in gaming headsets Turtle Beach and their latest Xbox One headset the Turtle Beach Stealth 700.


  • Xbox direct wireless - Enjoy a direct connection from your headset to your Console. No wires. No base station. No adapter needed. Just turn-on your headset and start playing. New firmware available now.
  • Windows Sonic Surround Sound - Windows Sonic for Headphones delivers powerfully immersive virtual surround sound for your games, movies and music
  • Active noise-cancellation - block out unwanted background distractions and stay fully immersed in your games. Enjoy Hearing Pure game and chat audio. And nothing else
  • Bluetooth connectivity - take calls and listen to your favorite music while gaming.. Additionally, connect to the new Turtle Beach audio hub app to adjust a variety of settings
  • Glasses friendly comfort - the ear-cushions are wrapped in a Premium synthetic leather, and feature Turtle Beach's ProSpecs glasses friendly design which removes pressure on your glasses


The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 has different models, the one I reviewed is the Xbox One version of the headset. As such it was given the Xbox colors of bright green and black. From a straight design standpoint, I actually appreciated the simplicity of the Stealth 700. There are no crazy decals or bizarre styling. This is a simple, black and green headset. In terms of first impressions, the Stealth 700 does not have high marks. The plastic enclosure doesn’t feel overly durable and suffers from a cheap plastic feel. That is exacerbated by a less than sturdy headband that's lacking padding. 


The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is an over the ear headset. Unlike the headband which has minimal padding, the headphones have a significant amount of padding and a nice synthetic leather covering. There are three physical buttons on one side of the headset that allows for powering the headset up, connecting via Bluetooth and turning “superhuman” sound setting on (more on that later). The controls are well hidden (maybe too well done) and do take some time to get used to.  

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 are wireless headphones that connect over Bluetooth. Unlike other wireless headsets on the market which require an extra base station to be plugged in, this headset connects directly over Bluetooth to the Xbox One. Initial setup for me was seamless and took a matter of seconds following the included instructions. There’s also an included small micro USB cord to charge the headset and download new firmware. I downloaded the Turtle Beach app on my Mac and a few minutes later I had the latest firmware. 


At the start of the new year, I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of my 2017 game backlog which was a great way to test out the Stealth 700. In terms of pure sound, the Stealth 700 ranks quite highly for its mid-level retail price of $129. You can really crank up the sound of the Stealth 700, it hits volume levels that very few hit without losing much quality. The Stealth 700 has a unique sound that’s not overly bass heavy but tends to lean heavier on the bass than a lot of headsets.

I have one major gripe with the Stealth 700 from Turtle Beach and that’s comfort. These are stiff headphones. Even after a month of use the headphones are still stiff and have yet to really loosen up. What that means is on longer play sessions you can really feel the headset on your ears. I found myself about an hour in readjusting the headset and trying to give myself a little relief from use.

The Stealth 700 does have a couple of killer features that all headsets should adopt. One of them is the auto-mute feature when flipping the microphone up. Simple yet perfectly effective. It worked every time and is exactly the feature I’ve always wanted in a headset. The Superhuman feature does provide a great surround sound experience and one that can compete with any headset in the price range. It’s a super crisp full-bodied sound that I’ve been incredibly impressed by.


The Turtle Beach 700 Stealth Wireless Gaming Headset is a solid wireless headset. It does only have 10-hours of battery life which means if you’re smart you will be charging it after each use. You do make one key trade-off with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700, comfort for great sound quality. I wish this headset was more comfortable because it sounds great. If you’re OK with having a less then comfortable headphone, the Stealth 700 is a great sounding headset.

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