Xtreme Mac MicroMemo for iPod Nano Review

Xtreme Mac MicroMemo for iPod Nano Review

IntroductionI don’’t think anyone could have predicted the popularity of the iPod and the fact that it managed to really revolutionize the music industry. Since the initial iPod was such a success we have seen a whole new market of iPod accessories to deck out your iPod and to help expand what was once just an MP3 player. Today we are checking out the XtremeMac MicroMemo for iPod Nano that hopes to be able to take your iPod from being a just an MP3 player to a person recorder. So how does this iPod accessory turn out?


  • Menus and controls display on iPod nano screen
  • One-touch recording
  • Flexible, detachable mic for exact positioning
  • Built-in speaker for instant playback
  • Records 16-bit audio at 44 kHz and 8-bit at 22 kHz
  • Accepts other microphones with 3.5mm plug
  • Records directly from line-in sources
  • No batteries needed—iPod-powered

Design The design of the Micromemo is really actually more important then most may think, as if an acessory to any iPod or MP3 player doesn’’t function well with the player then there is going to be some serious problems. In the case of the Micromemo the form factor is actually really quite impressive. You have the connection at the bottom of the iPod Nano and it manages to really work well on the Nano. The actual microphone itself comes straight up the left hand side of the Nano keeping the form factor still very small and making this added accessory not a huge burden on the actual player.

Testing Its not all that often that we get products like the Micromemo, its goal is simple and its execution is once again simple. You plug in the recorder to the Nano and then use. The learning curve is literally if you know how to work any sort of TV remote you can handle this. One of the problems I had with the Micromemo is that the simplicity of the product not only works to its advantage it does to its disadvantage as well. For example the fact that there is no extra controls (volume, settings, ect.) means that your primarily using your iPod for the control aspect of the unit.

From my experiences I tested a few things with the Micromemo which included recording a lecture, taping some notes, and even trying a little playful podcast. This is definitely a much better product to record things like yourself rather then trying to capture a lecture, unless you can get extremely close to the lecturer and in that case absent of some ambient noise you should be able to do that. The only issue I had with the Micromemo is the fact that its actual recording quality varies. I have had some success with my recordings but it varies. The quality of the recording is not what I would consider worthy of podcast quality but it could work great for your own personal recordings whether it is a “memo” hint the name, or just trying to create your own personal diary.


The quality of the Micromemo’s recording is really the only thing in question with this unit. The overall feel of the unit is nice, and if your using it for your own personal use its going to get the job done. But at a $60 price tag I would say the quality of recording doesn’t necessarily give the best bang for the buck.

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